The clean and classy look of an all-white kitchen is truly something to admire. They stay true to the elegant design concept of minimalism, often requiring little decoration to complete the interior. Of course, if you’re looking to add some contrast to the room, we’ve got some great ideas to liven up a stark white kitchen. Check them out below! 

Break the Monotony with Texture

Whether it’s the floor, countertops, kitchen cabinets, or walls; anywhere you can add texture in your kitchen is a great way to balance out the whiteness while enhancing the appearance of the room. This also works well in white kitchens with neutral, contrasting colours as the textures will help tie the colour scheme together as opposed to boldly standing out. Some ideas you can incorporate to add texture to your kitchen include paneled walls, graphic tiling, and countertops with subtle patterns.

Set Your Cabinets Apart

Yes, white cabinets contribute to an all-white kitchen in a major way but they can also be a little too bright to look at. So, without deviating from this open and bright kitchen design too much, we suggest changing the colour of your kitchen cabinets to a neutral, yet light shade, in a bid to set them apart from the rest of the room. This simple contrast can do wonders for the room’s overall aesthetic while also giving you the opportunity to bring in more décor pieces to match, and further tie the room together.

Switch Up the Lighting

Make a statement with your choice of kitchen lighting! There are numerous styles and designs to choose from so this is a rather easy way to amp up a white kitchen. Warm lights with playful or decorative shades add character and colour to the room while picking the right style will contrast well with existing elements in your kitchen. When looking at ceiling lights to be hung above a kitchen island, a good tip is to match or contrast the style and colour of the lights with your bar stools.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Colour

A stark white kitchen with a pop of colour definitely gets the green signal in interior design. What’s so great about this kitchen design idea is that virtually any colour you choose to use in an all-white kitchen will work if incorporated in the right place. For example, warm, reddish hues for your bar stools, light fixtures, and shelves will instantly take the interior to another level – that’s all it takes; the addition of one, single colour!

Get Artistic

By this, we don’t just mean you should hang up artwork on your wall – even though that’s not a bad idea – but rather, get creative and add a few artistic touches to your kitchen design. This can easily be incorporated in the form of backsplash tiles, flooring, and even your countertops. For example, a coloured granite countertop, or wavy patterns on one wall of the kitchen can really express one’s creative side and give the room a focal point. Decorative elements are also great artistic additions that serve as improvements to an otherwise bare, white kitchen.

Create a Balance with Black

Matte black finishes in a stark white kitchen is a dream combination! The contrast exudes class while the visual at a first glance is hard to ignore. There’s no need to go overboard with black elements, though; the goal here is to balance the room out instead of overpowering it. Consider matte black cabinets matched with light-coloured wooden countertops against an all-white kitchen; this is a popular colour scheme that can be tweaked according to one’s personal taste.

Display Contrasting Kitchenware 

Open shelves or glass cabinets are fantastic opportunities to create a stunning display of your plating, bowls, and other kitchen items. Matching sets of kitchenware that are neatly organised and arranged serve as contrasting décor for your kitchen without the use of actual decorative elements; it’s win-win! Be bold with your choice of colour(s) when choosing things to display on shelves and in cabinets; remember, all-white kitchens are like blank canvases waiting for you to create a masterpiece!

Make it Warm and Cozy with Wood

Unless you try hard enough, you can never go wrong with wood! Adding some timber to a white kitchen is no different when it comes to bringing an interior to life in the warmest way possible. Imagine a hardwood floor matched with wooden cabinets and white walls for a backdrop; even the visuals in your head won’t do the real thing justice! You could even include a white marble kitchen island to complement the warmth of timber stools sitting neatly below. There are truly a lot of ways to incorporate wood into your kitchen design and we guarantee that you won’t regret it if you do!

Choose Bold Fittings/Hardware

Kitchen interior with sink

The colour, pattern, and style of kitchen hardware are just as important as the rest of the design. Kitchen fittings are carefully selected to accent the room by factoring in other elements and styles. Imagine a stark white kitchen brought to life with brass hardware and fittings, creating an elegant, yet subtle, colour scheme running through the room; in a similar fashion, bold or dark tones offer a striking finish to a white kitchen.

Go All-Vintage

Have you seen anything classier than white vintage? This timeless decorating style is widely used in various creative fields including interior design. For an all-white kitchen, vintage elements can be incorporated in the form of laced tie-up curtains, antique-style fittings, vintage kitchenware, embellished mouldings, and white painted wooden cabinetry. A few vintage-style decorative pieces can complete the look while distressed flooring and pale wooden furnishings will add some contrast to the room.


If this is the heart of every home, why not go the extra mile to make your stark white kitchen even more beautiful and exciting than before?

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