Have you ever wondered how the master chefs manage to scoop out avocados like a dream or cut vegetables into such funky shapes? While experience definitely plays a role, they use a plethora of kitchen gadgets that help them work faster with high precision.

Whether you wish to be the next master chef or just make preparing meals at home with a bit more fun, here are 11 kitchen gadgets that you must ABSOLUTELY have in your household in 2018 to make your life more simple!

1. Avocado Slicer

For all you avo-lovers and avo mash munchers, this gadget is exclusively designed for you. It is capable of splitting, pitting, scooping and slicing avocados like a pro! It not only saves time but also makes eating avocados so much fun. You can now make those picture-perfect avocado toasts and get compliments on your culinary skills.

Pitting an Avocado

2. Automatic Jar Opener

Stubborn jar lids are one of the biggest nightmares for any chef. The worst part – they often play up and get stuck at the worst times. An automatic jar opener can be your saviour in the kitchen. With just a push of a button and the opener does its job like a charm.

3. Egg Cutter

If most of your meals involve eggs, then this is perhaps the most important kitchen tool that you will invest in. From breaking an egg neatly and taking out the shell to making the perfect omelette, the egg cutter can do it all with ease. An egg-cellent gadget for sure.

egg cutter

4. Vegetable Peeler

No kitchen is complete without a vegetable peeler. Unless you love cooking and eating those outer crusts, getting the skin off a vegetable without a peeler is a tough mission. This quirky looking gadget can help you create beautiful curls and spirals within minutes.

Raw potatoes with a vegetable peeler

5. Magnetic Knife Holder

Why get an old-school knife rack when you can display them right on the wall? A magnetic knife holder is easy to install. There are several benefits to a magnetic knife holder. Firstly, it will enhance the look and appeal of any modern kitchen. Secondly, the convenience that it provides for any chef looking to switch knives on the go. Lastly, not only does it looks cool but also saves a lot of counter space.

Kitchen knives on magnetic holder closeup

6. Knife Sharpener

Talking about knives, this is another one of our favourites. With a knife sharpener, you will no more have to throw away your favourite knife that has become blunt with use. Restore their sharpness within minutes and save money. It is a simple and safe tool for amateur chefs to use as a way to sharpen their knives.

Knife sharpening

7. Onion Goggles

No more crying while chopping onions. Get those foam sealed and enzyme soaking goggles to cut as many onions as you want without dropping a tear.

8. Cereal Dispenser

Does your morning rush leave you no time for breakfast? Cut the hassle of preparing a nutritional breakfast with a cereal dispenser. It lets you control the portion size and have your breakfast ready without any mess.

cereal container

9. Stuffed Burger Press

If you love making burgers at home but find it hard to get that perfect shape, let the stuffed burger press do it for you. Just add your favourite stuffing and filling to the press and get ready to ‘wow’ your guests with the perfect barbequed burgers.

10. Heat Conducting Gadgets

Heat-conducting gadgets are a must-have in your kitchen – knives and scoops. These devices conduct heat by drawing your body heat through the handle to make it easier to cut or scoop frozen ice creams and cut through butter and cheese.

Mango ice cream on scoop

11. The Veggie Twister

Garnishing is an art where chefs in the past had to learn it the hard way. With the smart garnishing twister, you can transform veggies into beautiful spirals or spaghetti in seconds. The addition of this gadget will dazzle your guests during dinner.

On top of all these gadgets, your kitchen should serve as a supporting foundation for these tools to make your life simple and easy. An unorganised kitchen layout can disrupt your lifestyle and render these tools less effective. Getting a kitchen renovation has never been easier. Kitchen and Stone is happy to take complete care of your kitchen project endeavours. We are a trusted name with over 30 years of kitchen renovation experience to provide you with modern and innovative kitchens.

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