If you are renovating your kitchen, you may be wondering whether you do need a range hood or not. Most residential houses are not equipped with a range hood, but with the many benefits it provides, you should consider having one for your house. A range hood does not only provide enough lighting while cooking, but it also protects you and your family from harmful gases that result from cooking. If you are still wondering whether your kitchen requires a range hood, below are 12 reasons why you should not debate about it.

1) Excess heat

Cooking produces a lot of heat, steam and smoke making the kitchen an uncomfortable place to be in. A range hood cools off the kitchen area, providing relief for the cook. As a result, you can comfortably be in the kitchen without experiencing hot and steamy temperatures.

2) Safety

Range hood acts as a safety appliance that filters and cleans the air in the kitchen. Hazardous and deadly pollutants in the kitchen can cause eye problems, respiratory complications and other health issues that could lead to death to you and your family. To avoid such tragedies, get a range hood for your kitchen.

3) Protection against Carbon Monoxide

Did you know household cooking is one of the common sources of carbon monoxide in the kitchen? Although we have carbon monoxide detectors in the kitchen, you also need a range hood. The detector will only alert you when there is CO in the kitchen, but a range hood will help to prevent the presence of CO. Carbon monoxide can cause health complications that can become deadly if the kitchen is not well ventilated.

4) Clean kitchen

Cooking without a range hood will result in a lot of grease and moisture in the kitchen. The grease, moisture and dust form a sticky coating in the kitchen that is hard to clean especially in the unreachable areas, for instance behind the stove.

5) Additional lighting

Do you struggle with proper lighting while cooking? Then get a range hood. The position of the range hood causes an illumination of light which is optimal for cooking. Different designs of range hoods have different lighting features such as lighting effects, cutting edge technologies and LCD displays. You have a variety of options to choose from the best range hood for your kitchen.

6) Enhances air quality

A range hood has a fan or blower that draws and carries away polluted air in the kitchen through the range hood to the outside. This means air from the kitchen that has pollutants resulting from cooking and heating of appliances in the kitchen is drawn out. Therefore, the air in the kitchen is clean and free of hazardous elements.

7) Comfortable kitchen

Cooking can be tedious especially in a poorly ventilated kitchen, where odour and steam air is contained in the kitchen. A range hood removes the steam through the sanction, leaving the kitchen cool with fresh air, a conducive environment to enjoy cooking.

8) Less kitchen odour

When you are hungry, the smell of cooking meals smells so nice. However, some foods have strong smells that can linger longer in the kitchen for days. A range hood helps to ensure your kitchen is fresh with no unpleasant smells and stuffiness.

9) Classy upgrade

In addition to the many benefits of having a fitted range hood, it also gives your kitchen a stylish and classy finish. The good news is, range hoods nowadays come with a variety of designs, to fit everyone’s needs and style.

10) Makes the kitchen look attractive

A kitchen with a fitted range hood looks more attractive and complete. The nicer the range, the more attractive the kitchen looks.

11) Keeps the soft furnishing looking new

The range hood also absorbs grease and odour in the kitchen preventing the smell and grease from settling in the soft furnishing in the kitchen. This helps to maintain the kitchen, leaving it looking new for longer.

12) Adds home resale value

Apart from the many advantages mentioned above, many real estate agents say that a lot of the house value comes from the kitchen. A kitchen with a fitted range hood increases the value of the home.

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