A small kitchen may not be able to accommodate a six-burner stove, a 1300L fridge, or a double sink. But that does not mean you cannot make the space look functional and stylish. Just make sure that you do not turn it into a place for mail storage, homework and laundry duties as it can quickly clutter up the kitchen.

We understand that not having space in the kitchen can be quite frustrating. That is why we’ve come up with 15 awesome kitchen design ideas that will save you space in your next kitchen renovation.

1) Open kitchen without doors

An open kitchen without any doors looks more spacious and welcoming. There is extra space to move around and two people can comfortably work together without bumping. Alternatively, you may consider removing the wall or simply widening the door area.

Monochromatic entrance with colorful accents

2) Invest in small yet powerful appliances

Spend some time scouring the internet to find smaller versions of vintage appliances. Some of the most popular brands make smaller yet powerful appliances. You just need to search extensively to find smaller appliances that fit your kitchen without taking up much space or sacrificing style.

Kitchen electric appliances on white surface. Colorful, blurred background. Close up view, details.

3) Build high cabinets

A new trend in kitchen design is to build high cabinets that reach the ceiling. Even though the top cupboards may be difficult to access, you can use them to store things you do not use frequently. The high cabinets not only offer additional storage option but also make the area look more spacious.

Modernly equipped clean kitchen

4) Pullout pantries

Imagine how it feels to suddenly find out that you don’t have a specific ingredient. If you don’t want such unnecessary surprises, then plan to have a good pull-out pantry. An accessible and properly organised pantry unit enables you to quickly assess everything you need in your kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a family chef or professional cook, always emphasise on a pantry with enough space and shelves.

Think smart and include a well-designed pullout pantry in your kitchen to save space and ‘wow’ your guests. When you pull out that sleek and stylish pantry, guests won’t think about the lack of space but appreciate your sense of style.

Modern Kitchen cabinets with new appliances

5) Keep hardware to a minimum

When you have a small kitchen, it is easy to knock into bulky handles and knobs. We suggest that you opt for the minimalist style when it comes to buying hardware. Sleek and slender hardware can make it easier to move around in a compact space without getting hurt.

6) Wall mounted storage

If you have a slender wall in your kitchen, use it to your advantage by turning it into a stylish storage space for pots and pans. Use a bar to hang towels, hooks for pans and a magnetic rack for knives. You can paint the storage wall in a different colour to add to the aesthetic appeal.

modern kitchen chopping board behind wall interior trend.

7) Compact all-in-one island

When you have a small kitchen, try to keep some free space instead of lining everything in galley style. Get one of those custom-designed all-in-one kitchen islands that contain a stove, sink, spice rack, storage for utensils, prep space, and garbage area rolled into one compact space. Out of the 10 kitchen designs in this article, this is our absolute favourite.

Kitchen island in center of open home space

8) Go with a single sink

Ditch the double bowl and include a single bowl sink in your kitchen design to save more counter and foot space. Small single-bowl sinks come in different styles and shapes so you have many options to choose from.

grey glass splashback

9) Undermount sink style

In a small kitchen design, every bit of space you can save is important so we suggest that you go with an undermount sink style. As the edges of the sink are sealed in this case, you will have extra counter space beside the sink.

kitchen sink

10) Accessible and well-organised cabinet units

Any professional renovator will stress the importance of creating a perfect cabinet storage unit that serves all your personal needs. Think of how much storage you need. No one prefers a kitchen full of clutter. A good cabinetry unit is that which is both accessible and easy to organise. You don’t have to unpack everything when looking for spices or herbs required for the dish you’re making, right?

11) Bin drawers

These are very efficient and you can place them next to your prep and cleaning areas. If you’re doing dishwashing, a bin drawer will make things simpler and convenient as it allows you to scrap directly to the bin. If you prefer a more modern approach, think of motorising your drawer so it opens with a simple touch.

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12) Swing out shelves for corner cabinets

These are more practical and space savvy. If you don’t like those traditional corner cabinets with fixed shelves, then these can make the best alternatives. Unlike their fixed counterparts, swing out shelves makes it easy for you to store and retrieve things.

13) Pull-out cutting boards

Do you crave for modernity and convenience in your dream kitchen? If yes, then you’ll most likely want to try this. Modern pull-out cutting boards are vital, particularly during those busy holidays where you do a lot of cooking. Your kitchen may not have had this before but it brings more practicality, convenience and value to the house.

14) Proper Ventilation Unit

If you mind so much about your safety and that of your property, then factor in good ventilation. This is where all the odour and grease get out of your kitchen as you cook.

15) Kitchen barstools

While you may want to sit around your table for dinner, you’ll still love kitchen bar stools for those quick lunches and breakfast. They are ideal especially if you’re on the rush to get the kids off to school.

bar stools in kitchen

Some things are best left to the experts and Kitchen & Stone are one of the most trusted names in kitchen renovation in Sydney. With over 30 years of kitchen makeover experience, we have seen and know what is currently trending in modern kitchens. Call us on 1300 418 747 to discuss the potential kitchen that you can achieve. We’ll help you every step of the way to bringing your kitchen to life.

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