The kitchen is a place in your house where you spend precious family time. Unfortunately, it is filled with table corners, sharp edges and dangerous utensils. Sure, you can lock all the cabinets and put sharp and flammable objects out of reach. However, that’s more of a child-proof kitchen rather than a child-friendly kitchen.

Let’s dive into some ways that you can do to make your kitchen more children-friendly so that the little helpers are welcome without any safety concerns.

1) Create an activity area for kids

Your children may want your attention while you are preparing dinner so why not create an activity area for them. This way you can ensure they stay away from the cooking area and still enjoy their time in the kitchen.

You may use a low countertop or table to create a kid’s activity corner and give them a dedicated lower cabinet to stock crayons, colouring books, Play-Doh and board games.

2) Choose a child-friendly countertop slab

If you are designing a new kitchen or re-doing an old one, consider installing a children-friendly countertop surface. While you can find many options online, we recommend the ones with a rounded edge. This can be more forgiving on the little ones when they accidentally bump their heads against them. A dedicated children kitchen island could be an idea.

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You may also consider replacing sharp kitchen equipment with kid-safe knives, spoons, forks, utensils and so on. This is one of the low budget ways to make your kitchen child-friendly.

3) Install cabinet locks

The kitchen has more cleaning supplies and sharp instruments than any other room in the house. No matter how hard to try to keep children away, they may sneak into the kitchen when you are not watching and get their hands on one of those things.

To prevent accidents, install cabinet locks and keep all the hazardous items locked inside the cabinet. If your budget does not permit you to install locks, do not keep any sharp items in the lower cabinets.

4) Child-friendly kitchen flooring

The kitchen floor tends to have more wet surfaces due to water, food or oil spillage. Polishing the surface can make it more slippery and increase the risk of falling/slipping. Placing rugs on the kitchen floor can add to the decor and safety.

You may also consider installing an anti-slip underlay to keep the kitchen rug in place and prevent the risk of slipping.

5) Child-friendly electrical appliances

Consider buying appliances such as microwave and refrigerator that come with child lockout settings. Make sure you switch off and plug out all the electrical appliances after use. Roll up the power cords neatly so that there is nothing dangling on the floor or within the reach of children.

6) Put up a child-safe gate

There are times when you are in a hurry and cannot focus on cooking and children at the same time. A child gate can be a great solution to keep the little ones and even pets from wandering into the kitchen when there are sharp objects or hazardous items lying around.

7) Touch-free faucets

Kids love messing with faucets and they might accidentally turn them on and scald their skin with hot water. To prevent such accidents, get the touch-free faucets that allow you to set a tart temperature’ that is safe for kids. You may change the temperature after the faucet is on.

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Where To Look For Child-Friendly Kitchen Designs?

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