70 Innovative Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Planning to renovate your kitchen but have no idea where to start? We all know that the kitchen is the heart and soul of any loving and warm home. It has a subtle yet significant impact on you and your family’s mood each and every day. Therefore, it is highly important that you use this to your advantage to plan and design it to suit your desired lifestyle.

We know it can be tough to decide, so we have compiled 70 of the best splashback ideas in 2019 for you.

1) Chalkboard Splashback

chalk splashback

Endless possibilities with a chalkboard splashback. Perfect for the creative household or for someone who simply wants to draw. Freshen the board up with a weekly to-do list. Either way, it looks fantastic on its own.

2) Stainless Steel Splashback

stainless steel splashback

This attention-grabbing splashback will be sure to impress anyone from first glance. Even the young ones.

3) Exposed Brick Splashback

Brick Splashback exposed brick kitchen splashback kitchen victorian with square tile 990 X 660 pixels

Who would have thought about having exposed bricks in the kitchen? This splashback design provides a warm and urban feel to the home.

4) White Tile with Black Grout Splashback

white tile black grout

If you love a classic yet powerful look, you’ll love this splashback. This timeless display is sure to stick around for a very long time.

5) Burberry-Inspired Splashback


Soak yourself with the extravagance of this Burberry-inspired pattern. The mixture of white, black and yellow emits a tranquil vibe within the home.

6) Wavy Splashback

wavy splashback

Not your average splashback. This cool wavy design gives your kitchen a very modern and funky look.

7) Climbing Vines Splashback

climbing vine splashback

Revive your kitchen with this climbing vine splashback. It feels like there is a feeling of constant growth from the twisting and turning of the vines.

8) Red Splashback

red splashback

Brighten the home with this hot red splashback. It is simple yet effective when contrasted correctly with natural dark-colour tones.

9) Calacatta Marble Mosaic Splashback

Calacatta Marble Mosaic Splashback

This unorthodox design presents a sense of creativity and renewal in the kitchen. Your home will always feel refreshing.

10) Octagonal Tile Splashback

Octagonal Tile Splashback

You don’t always have to go with a parallel pattern. These octagonal tiles are a classic and timeless design for any home.

11) Stone Tile Splashback

stone tile splashback

The bulging stones on this splashback provide depth and an extra element to the kitchen to make it feel sensational.

12) Granite Splashback

Granite Splashback

Nothing says elegance like a granite splashback and a granite benchtop. This combination will be sure to make a statement to your guests.

13) Glazed Tile Splashback

Glazed Tile Splashback

How can you pass up on this majestic white design? The glazed tile gives a very contemporary feel to the white cabinets.

14) Glossy Black Splashback

glossy black splashback

This glossy black and white kitchen is the epitome of luxury. You will feel like you are in a whole new world standing in this kitchen.

15) Herringbone Subway Tile Splashback

herringbone tile splashbackThis fabulous herringbone pattern introduces a homey feel to the kitchen. We love this simple yet stylish splashback.

16) Clear Glass Over Painted Grey Splashback

Grey Metallic Kitchen Glass Splashback

This sleek grey splashback goes exceptionally well with soft and creamy colours. You can’t go wrong with this balance of tones.

17) Dark Blue and White Geometric Splashback

Dark Blue Geometric Splashback

We simply love the calmness in this kitchen given off by the navy cabinets and marble tabletop. The two colours create a coastal feel where you spend relaxing.

18) Stacked Wooden Splashback

Stacked Wooden Splashback

Nothing says a modern kitchen like stacked wooden splashback. Known for its insulation properties, the wooden look gives a warm feeling to the kitchen.

19) Fish Scale Splashback

fish scale splashback

This mermaid-inspired splashback has an urban feel to the home. The balance between the dark-tone wall and white shelvings goes hand in hand.

20) 3D Splashback

3D Splashback

If you love the city nightlife and love looking at the beautiful skyline, this is the perfect splashback for you.

21) Black Minimalist Splashback

Black Minimalist Splashback

Everybody loves the minimalistic look. Keeping it simple and clean is the modern trend.

22) Blue Pattern Mosaic Tile Splashback

Blue Pattern Mosaic Tile Splashback

Take a step back and enjoy this astonishing pattern. This design fuses the old world with the new world through a balance with the marble benchtop.

23) Clear Glass Over Timber Veneer Splashback

Clear Glass Over Timber Veneer Splashback

The dark-toned timber splashback creates a powerful impression. This is harmonised by the clear glass to give a luxe finish.

24) Window Splashback

Window Splashback

Enjoy the warmth of the natural sunlight with a clear window. This design works for kitchens with an unobstructed view.

25) Textured Glass Splashback

Textured Glass Splashback

This amazing metallic look really shines your kitchen and adds personality through its texture.

26) Weathered Wall Splashback

Weathered Wall Splashback

Throw in a touch of age with this weathered wall. This lovely splashback will be sure to resonate with anyone working in the kitchen.

27) Marble Butterfly-effect Splashback

Marble Butterfly-effect Splashback

Feel enlightened every time you step foot into the kitchen with this marble splashback. The butterfly pattern creates a cool and peaceful cooking environment.

28) Monochrome Splashback

Bold Monochrome Pattern Splashback

Who doesn’t love this monochrome kitchen? Its simplicity and elegance give a very contemporary feel to the overall home without anything too sparkly.

29) Multi-Coloured Fused Glass Splashback

colourful splashback

Feel energetic and alive with this rainbow splashback. You will forget that you ever had any problems in your life.

30) Tinted Mirror Splashback

tinted mirror splashback

Having a tinted mirror over a simple clear mirror is often preferred to create a stronger contrast with the white cabinets. The mirror creates a more spacious feel to the room and is perfect for any home.

31) Moroccan Tile Splashback

Moroccan Tile Splashback

Splash some life into your kitchen with these beautiful Moroccan tiles. The exquisite patterns and shapes offer a nice visual to your home.

32) Scandinavian Style Splashback

scandinavian style splashback

Get that Scandinavian feel in your very own home. The warmth and calm feeling will make you want to stay in this kitchen forever.

33) Checkered Tile Splashback

Checkered Tile Splashback

Make a statement with this retro looking kitchen. The juxtaposition of the colours in conjunction with the soft timber flooring creates an ambience mood.

34) OTT pattern Splashback

OTT pattern splashback

This dazzling pattern along with the dark cabinets and gold handles provides a luxurious feel to your home.

35) Moorish Tile Splashback

Moorish Tile Splashback

Start your day off on the right track with this bright and lively Moorish splashback. The soft blue works great with the overall white of the kitchen.

36) Tile and Wood Splashback

White Kitchen With Light Wood Floors Light Wooden Tiled Kitchen Splashback And Floor Wood Floor Tiles

Have you ever considered combining timber with tile? This surprising mix will give your kitchen a light glow and complements the wooden floorboards.

37) Floral Fabric Splashback

Floral Fabric Splashback

If you are looking to avoid bright and distracting colours yet establishing a pleasant atmosphere, try this beautiful floral splashback.

38) Wood Panelled Splashback

wooden splashback

Clean, lovely, welcoming, is what this kitchen screams. The wooden panel provides the room with a soft and neutral touch that isn’t too overwhelming to the overall look.

39) Cobblestone Splashback

Cobblestone Splashback

No, cobblestones are not only limited to road and wall construction. It is also used in creating a kitchen splashback. This creative splashback is both intriguing and impressive.

40) Kitchen Stone Splashback

Large Stone Tiled Splashback

‘Wow’, will be the first thing that comes out of your guest’s mouths upon sighting this splashback. These massive stones are not only impressive but extraordinary.

41) Nautical Accent Splashback

Nautical Accent Splashback

For all you sea lovers, this is undoubtedly the right choice for you. Match it with a couple of ocean theme decor and you’ll feel like you are out in the ocean at your very home.

42) Metallic Splashback

Brushed Metallic Splashback

This unique splashback adds a rejuvenating feel to the home. There are connotations to prestige given off by the metallic look.

43) Oxidised Brass Splashback

Oxidized Brass Splashback

Combined with neutral colours, this oxidised look is very relaxing. Insert some copper tapware and metal finishes to the mix to complete the industrious feel.

44) Sunburst Pattern Splashback

Sunburst Pattern Splashback

Don’t be scared to try a dark-toned orange in the kitchen. Contrast it with some bright and neutral colours to produce a historic home resembling those during the Victorian era.

45) Metal Mosaic Tile Splashback

Metal Mosaic Tile Splashback

The stainless steel appliances are complemented remarkably well without being overpowered. It adds a feeling of exotic and glamour to the kitchen atmosphere.

46) Shades of Grey Tiled Splashback

Shades of Grey Tiled Splashback

This mixture of dark and light grey tone goes well in almost any home! The irregular grey tiles create an iridescent splashback.

47) Charcoal Splashback

charcoal brick splashback

Do you enjoy this beautiful glossy charcoal as much as we do? Combined with creamy white colours and you have the perfect modern kitchen that everyone will envy.

48) Bold & Patterned Tile Splashback

Bold & Patterned Tile Splashback

Bold! This splashback speaks bravery and confidence. Get motivated every day to do something daring with this splashback.

49) Marble Splashback

Marble Butterfly-effect Splashback

Nothing says elegance much like the material marble. The vibrant and cheerful aura of the kitchen is enhanced by the marble tabletop and complete white cabinets.

50) Terracotta Tile Splashback

Terracotta Tile Splashback

For those who love the traditional Mediterranean kitchen look, the terracotta tile splashback is the way to go. It will remind you of those feelings of comfort and coziness at home.

51) Teflon Coating Splashback

Teflon Coating Splashback

Get this seamless and extravagant splashback goes perfectly with additional touches of metallic decorations. It enhances the status of wealth and sophistication.

52) Pressed Metal Splashback

pressed tin splashback

The intricate pattern on this pressed metal splash adds depth and character to your kitchen.

53) Speckled Glass Splashback

A fantastic way to bring your kitchen to life is through a speckled glass splashback. It offers the openness of a white wall without looking too basic.

54) Intense Print Splashback

Intense Print Splashback

The intense print creates a dynamic environment so you can always change it up with different decoration theme to spice it up.

55) Geometric Splashback

geometric splashback

The combination of the white geometric pattern and dark black grout executes a seamless splashback to give you a complete look with dark-tone fixtures.

56) Grey Chevron Marble Tile Splashback

Grey Chevron Marble Tile Splashback

You won’t ever get enough of this sensational marble tile. The soothing grey colour brings about a homey and serene feeling.

57) Silver Silk Splashback

Silver Silk Splashback

The secret to a beautiful kitchen is to maximise the natural light in your kitchen. This silver silk splashback is the perfect tool to do so.

58) Stony Grey Splashback

Stony Grey Splashback

The natural colours and low shine from the stony grey creates a peaceful and quiet kitchen. Nothing too exciting but very calming.

59) Glossy Subway Tile Splashback

Glossy Subway Tile Splashback

This timeless splashback works anywhere and anytime. Exceptional for brightening up the kitchen for those with not much natural light.

60) Silver Streaks Splashback

Glamour and deluxe are the first two things that come to mind when seeing this beautiful design. This unique splashback is to die for!

61) Rendered Charcoal Brick Splashback

Rendered Charcoal Brick Splashback

Have you seen anything more tranquil? This rendered charcoal brick offers a much more elegant and peaceful outlook to the kitchen.

62) Patchwork Tile Splashback

patchwork tile splashback

There is an atmosphere of coziness emitted by the warm tones of this patchwork.

63) Copper Kitchen Splashback

Copper Kitchen Splashback

If you are looking to juggle between a modern and industrious design then this is the perfect splashback for you. The combination of both gives a spectacular modern interior look.

64) Fireclay Splashback

Fireclay Splashback

This magnificent splashback makes a bold statement with its pure dark-tone. Offsetted by the natural white, offers an appealing visual element to the kitchen.

65) Masculine Splashback

Masculine Splashback

Sick of the bright and feminine composition? Cover your kitchen with a theme of dark hue of grey. It speaks class and sharpness.

66) Glossy Blue Tile Splashback

glossy blue splashback

We really love this mesmerising glossy tile. It evokes a feeling of gentleness in a contemporary kitchen.

67) Black Matte Splashback

matte black splashback

Matte black is perfect for any minimalist. It represents a simple and elegant lifestyle that doesn’t involve any complications. The matte texture will have your kitchen feeling more spacious, natural, organic and warm.

68) Different Shades of Grey Hexagonal Tiled Splashback

Shades of Grey Hexagonal Tiled Splashback

Feeling exotic? The grey shades offered by this splashback generates a subtle excitement mood in the kitchen.

69) Mosaic Gold Tiles Splashback

mosaic gold tiles splashback

Spoil yourself with this mosaic of gold tiles. The captivating look lends a little bit of luxury without overpowering the overall design of the kitchen.

70) Chelsea Glazed Brick

Chelsea Glazed Brick splashback

This heavy tone of glazed black challenges the idea of a sleek and transparent kitchen. However, this dark colour will slowly grow on you over time where you will have an appreciation of it.

No matter what type of kitchen splashback you desire, Kitchen & Stone will custom make your splashback to turn your dream and vision into a reality! Which is your favourite kitchen splashback design? Let us know, or ask us for some previous work that we’ve done over our 30 years in professional kitchen renovation.

Image credit – Renoguide

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