Before you start a kitchen renovation project, you should plan for it to avoid the common mistakes. The kitchen is the heart of your home and you have to update its architecture and style if a need arises. With modular kitchens coming into being, many options have opened up for individuals who would want their kitchens to showcase modern designs. The process of hiring a kitchen-remodelling contractor can be overwhelming, especially for anyone without an understanding of the recent kitchen trends or product options.

Here are the 8 kitchen renovation mistakes you should avoid.

1) Considering yourself a professional

Homeowners feel tempted to employ their creativity and add some personal elements to the kitchen. Regardless of your innovativeness, you will need the help of professional designers in the kitchen to remodel project. Discuss your requirements with the businesses that provide design services and new cabinets to get the best appearance for your kitchen. At Kitchen & Stone, we will help you with the design work and selection of new kitchen appliances.

2) Going by the looks

Integration of new features into the kitchens such as pull-out can rack, roll-out trays and wine glass compartments can give a new look to the kitchen. However, you have to ensure that the appliances are durable too. We will ensure that you are getting only the best appliances.

3) Skimping on the counter space

You will need the counter for food preparation, plate up your food and land your grocery bags. That means you will have to maximise the counter space, especially around the stove, sink and refrigerator. Consider the space you need to place your coffee maker and the other small appliances.

4) Not budgeting for the project

With the market offering many options for flooring, cabinets, appliances and countertops, you are likely to spend above your budget. That is the reason you have to come up with a realistic budget and track all the costs. You should identify where to cut down the expenses and where to the stick to the budget. Come up with a 10 percent contingency budget to cater for the unexpected costs and do not use it to cover the splurges.

5) Shopping for the appliances last

Kitchen appliances manufacturers supply them in fixed sizes, so you have to know the kitchen appliances you need before you determine the layout and sizes of your cabinets. You will have to fit your kitchen cabinets to the appliances and not the other way around. That way, you will get a seamless, streamlined appearance.

6) Putting style before function

Perhaps, you need a kitchen that you can show proudly to your friends and family. However, before you think about the style, you have to think of the functionality. A quick example, if you expect many cooks in your kitchen, you should make the walkways wider. Ensure that the dishwasher is at least three feet of the kitchen sink for easier loading. Ensure that each seat has a 30 inches island space for easier dining. You might not live the appearance of vent hoods, but you will require one above your kitchen stove.

7) Not considering the lighting needs

Properly lit kitchens are efficient and safe. So, you have to prepare adequately for the lighting when renovating your kitchen. You do not want to find it hard to read labels, cut vegetables safely or get a right spoon for measuring your ingredients. Overhead kitchen lighting will help you see what you are cleaning and prepping clearly. Accent lighting is a perfect choice for people who would want to highlight architectural details and collections while mood lighting is ideal for romantic dinners.

8) Making changes after starting the project

If you decide to make changes to the layout of the kitchen after you are halfway through the remodelling, you are likely to pay more money. The changes will also delay the schedules, get the contractor upset and cost you more money than you had planned for. It is always important you make the important decision before you start the renovation project and stick to them.

At Kitchen & Stone, we are ready to help you complete your kitchen renovation project successfully. We will ensure that you have considered all the important aspects before you start the project so that your dream can be true and reduce costly mistakes. Contact us today for a quote.