The kitchen is one of the spaces in the house with the most traffic. It can get especially overwhelming for busy families, yet they need to move stuff in the kitchen so that they can access, for instance, a mug to get a cup of coffee. A well thought out kitchen design will help you with your storage space. With the limited time in their schedule to take their meals, they may end up breaking utensils or spilling grains on the kitchen floor. The situation could get intense if the kitchen space is small. To help you with your kitchen storage, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help your busy family out.

1) Downsize your furniture

Furniture occupies space making the room seem smaller than normal. Busy families require more space to make movement in the kitchen easier and to accommodate more people in the kitchen, for instance in the morning as they prepare to get started for their busy day. Instead of getting a big breakfast table in the kitchen, you can get a smaller table to create more space.

2) Get a pegboard

Many people forget that their walls can hold more than they think they can. After trying to create as much space as possible in the kitchen, most people forget to consider the walls as a storage space. Hang a pegboard on your walls, which adds flexible storage space in the kitchen. You can hang your pots, pans, cooking spoons and knives on the pegboard. The best thing about a pegboard is that, you can easily adjust it over time as your needs keep evolving.

3) Tops of the cabinets

Do you have cutlery that you do not use most of the time? The tops of your cabinets have lots of storage space that you can use for such cutlery. On the cabinet tops, there is plenty of storage space where you can neatly arrange your special serving platters and any other extra supplies that you have in your kitchen. However, remember to keep the tops neat and not too cluttered.

4) Space above the fridge

Once a fridge is positioned in the kitchen, the space above it is left unused. However, you can put this space into good use by creating a custom storage. When redesigning your kitchen, you can request the space above the fridge to be designed with open storage space where you can store your pans, pots, plates among others, or have it divided to keep items such as cutting boards or knives.

5) Add shelves under island countertop

The space under the countertop is good storage space. You can add shelves to store magazines, study books, cookbooks or small dishes. This is especially for busy families who want to save time by reading as they make their meals. The space may seem little but with shelves, you have yourself extra storage in the kitchen.

6) Get a free standing shelf

Have you been to a professional restaurant kitchen? They have metal shelves in their kitchen where they can store everything in the kitchen from pots and pans to any other appliance in the kitchen. You can burrow this tip for you busy family and add a shelf in your kitchen where you can stash all your cooking appliances.

7) Use a magnetic knife rack

To avoid rumbling in the cabinets to find cutlery, you can use a magnetic knife rack. Taking your cutlery on the wall will enhance visibility and save you on counter space. You can get creative with the magnetic knife strip, for instance keep it vertical to minimise the amount of space it occupies on your wall.

8) Use the bottoms of the cabinets

You have already utilised all the space in and on top of your cabinets and you are thinking they cannot hold any other thing. But consider the undersides of the cabinets. Add hooks to hold small tools such as a pair of kitchen scissors or mugs. You can also use a magnetic strip to create a floating rack where you can keep your spice jars.

There is a lot you can creatively do in your kitchen to create storage solutions for your busy family. However, if you need help in organising your kitchen, contact us at Kitchen & Stone. With over three decades of experience and a dedicated team, we will help you with your kitchen redesign to accommodate your needs.