There is a magic in the renovation, either of the whole residential home or some specific rooms. However, a kitchen renovation is always an amazing option. For obvious reasons, potential buyers usually step their feet in the kitchen before anything else. And, you may be wondering why.

First, some of the potential buyers do not just have the guts to stand an old kitchen. Moving to a new residence with an old kitchen to them is just like an insult. It basically bums them out. Second, who can stand a meal made from an old kitchen even if it is made by a world class chef? Not even you.

So, how does a newly renovated kitchen add value to your home?

The kitchen is the heart of any home

Unlike other places, the kitchen serves a key role in any household. It is the soul and heart of the house. All kinds of foods that are meant to energise and puff life into the family are stored and made in the kitchen. A happy life is a hunger-free life. But satisfaction against hunger starts from the kitchen.

A nice looking kitchen improves the general outlook of any house

Arguably, many visitors will find their way often in the kitchen than any other room. Look, this is a contemporary world. Millennial homeowners no longer talk of the traditional tiny kitchen that used to carry only mommy and the maid. An ideal kitchen is spacious enough and stuffed with all sorts of post-modern dining equipment. There are many things you will need to consider when designing your kitchen.

It can sound illogical or logical, but poor shading in the kitchen can make you hate the whole house. It is for this reason that many people will go to houses with good kitchen outlooks or renovate the old kitchen to match their other rooms.

Kitchen is the first buyer’s scope

Millennial homeowners are nowadays like baby boomers. They will always remodel kitchen and bathroom first upon moving into a new house. According to the Home Advisor Annual True Cost report, many millennial homeowners are now compromising the size and the condition factors of new homes. They always purchase old homes at economical costs and go ahead to remodel them. However, just as aforementioned, they consider the kitchen as a high traffic place in the house hence they will first renovate the kitchen before doing any task.

Meaning, if you are a willing seller, all you need in order to add some bucks in the pocket is just some simple renovation of the kitchen prior to the sale. According to research, renovating only the kitchen can generate a recoup of about 68%. However, this depends on several factors such as geographical location and the architectural design of the home.

Renovating a kitchen may mean de-cluttering your life

One key factor when renovating your house is the size. You see, you will not want to stay in a kitchen that is always full to the brim. Such kitchens make it tough to maneuver around and find any equipment needed for a specific task at ease. Ideal renovation may mean going an extra mile to break adjacent walls in order to achieve the required space.
With a spacious newly renovated kitchen, you can keep some of the materials that used to hang around in other rooms in the kitchen. The fact is, an ideal kitchen may not only be used for meal preparation but also as sleeping points for visitors and storage of other goods.

The number of households being renovated is on the rise. Some people simply purchase old homes, renovate and resell them at higher interest rates. If done well, renovation of the house always adds some significant value to your property.

In reality, a renovation of the whole house always sounds pricey. But, with only a kitchen renovation, you are good to go. If you are renovating for sale or resell, just make sure that you don’t spend more than what your home cost. Always contact an agent prior to any development.

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