Open plan kitchen design is a trend that has been in the market for decades. It is the first homeowner’s priority when updating their kitchen. By eliminating the walls and joining the living room with the kitchen, modern designers perceive this option as cost-efficient and space-friendly. Is a sure way of bringing the family members into close proximity. However, this does not mean that there is no downside to this design.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of open-space kitchen design.


1) Easy interaction

It is a general belief that guests are blessings to the homestead. However, how you interact with them during their period of stay matters a lot. With an open-plan kitchen design, you can talk to your guests and cook at the same time. Neither the guests nor you are confined to a specific place. Without the wall, you are free to move the foods in a natural flow without breaking much sweat. For multitasking home chefs, it is the best feeling ever. Here are our tips on how to divide an open plan living room kitchen in your home.

2) Excellent natural luminosity

Walls are a barrier to the natural light rays. Removing the walls enable smooth flow of the beams and rays from the living room directly into the kitchen. You are also free to share the lighting appliances between the two rooms. With better appliances, you can save your energy bills a great deal.

3) It encourages cleanliness

All the culinary activities are undertaken in the full glare of family members and even the guest. Therefore, you are prompted to not only adopt healthy cooking methods but also maintain peak cleanliness. Anything messy attracts correction, shunning or a bizarre look that attracts regrets in the near future. Therefore, to avoid taking chances, you will always work hard to keep the kitchen clean since you do not know when the next stranger will knock.

4) An easy way to keep an eye on little kids

Children often liken fireplaces to playgrounds. Without close monitoring, you can end up losing your child from burns. In open-plan kitchen design, you are capable of seeing every corner of both the kitchen and living room. You can easily monitor the kid’s movement. However, elimination of the walls makes the kitchen easy-to-reach. You have to pull up your socks when it comes to monitoring.

5) There is a bigger space

Open plans eliminate the walls and the adjoining spaces between the living room and kitchen. Generally, the kitchen will no longer be a cubicle but a large space with a free flow of air. Also, there are additional spaces for furniture.

6) High resale value

Open-plan kitchens are highly sought for. It is trending in every corner of the world. It is a bigger cause for concern when doing your kitchen makeovers for resale.


1) Lack of privacy

Not all homeowners are extroverted souls. Most mothers are reticent personalities who need at least some privacy. The only place they can afford this is in the kitchen. By adopting the open-space kitchen plan, everything is exposed to the world.

2) Roaming of smell

In as much as we love food, not all aromas that come from the kitchen are pleasant. Some are heart-wrenching. Whereas many people may feel okay with all aromas, some are allergic to specific foods and their smell. With open-spaced kitchen design, you have no control over the aroma that ends up in the living room.

3) Noisiness

You need to run the waters. You need to power the oven, dishwasher, coffee percolator and more. This combined with the noise of kids that are jumping from one end to the other, the place will like a disco.

4) Uncontrolled heat

Any heat that results from cooking raises the temperature of both the kitchen and dining room. Where there is no HVAC system or a conditioner, this can burry the comfortability of the two rooms. Otherwise, any additional heat regulator is an added cost in the energy bills.

5) Lack of some crucial kitchen space

Fewer walls mean less space for crucial items such as cabinets, wall art, storage shelves, electric outlets and more. It demands creativity, in the long run, to keep the furniture and utensils well-organised.

An open space kitchen is a hall with everything in the display of any person. However, it is still a pretty kitchen model that can easily incorporate both formal and informal outlooks. At Kitchen & Stone, we offer more than just kitchen designs. We are the industry experts in creating the perfect kitchen for our customers in Sydney. Simply contact us at 1300 418 747 and we can discuss about your open kitchen design and what it takes to create the perfect room for your home.

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