Finding the right barstool for your kitchen can be hard because there are many options and designs available in the market. Apart from what the market has to offer, there are also personal preferences such as size, comfort and style that can make picking out the right barstool for your kitchen a challenging task. 

To help you get the best that you want, below are a few tips on how to choose the right barstool for your kitchen bar.


  • Determine the number of stools that you need for your kitchen


The number of barstools in your kitchen will be determined by a number of factors, for instance, the number of family members, friends or relatives that you host in your house. 

Do not keep many stools at your kitchen bar causing the space to look crowded and cluttered. Ensure there is enough space between your barstools for people to freely enjoy their meals, drinks, and to socialize without bumping into each other’s elbows. 

If you have limited space in your kitchen, yet you want a higher number of stools, then opt for simpler designs that most probably do not have arms and do not spin. 


  • Pick the right height and width of the barstools


The height and width of your barstools will be determined by the height of your kitchen counter or table and the design of the stool. Generally, barstools are designed in four different heights; extra tall, bar, counter and short. Each of these barstools heights are paired according to the height of the countertop. 

The design of the stool will also determine the height of the barstool. Backless barstools have the lowest height, compared to full-back barstools. If your barstools have armrests, the arms should be low enough to be tucked under the counter overhang. If you are not sure on how to decide the correct height of your barstools, you can buy adjustable barstools that can move up and down to a height that you best suit your comfort. 

The width of the barstools will depend on how many stools you want to keep at your kitchen counter and the space of the kitchen. However, as mentioned earlier, remember to leave enough space in between. 


  • Decide on the style of the barstools


Whether the style of your kitchen is modern, traditional, rusty or any other, there is a style and design for everybody. However, the style of the barstools will not only be determined by your preference and style, but also by the design of your kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen is narrow and corridor sized, then backless stools that can be tucked under the countertop will be ideal to avoid a crowded kitchen bar. On the other hand, if you have a large space and you love entertaining guests, then deep seating and broad-backed stools are ideal. 

Apart from the basic structure and design of the kitchen such as the amount of space, the style of your barstools will mainly be determined by your preference, style and comfort. 


  • Pick the right material for your barstools


Kitchen stools can be made from metal, glass or wood then upholstered with fabric. If your stools will be placed next to where food and drinks will be served, then consider a material that will require low maintenance such as wood, metal or leather. 

Nevertheless, if you choose upholstered stools, then choose microfiber that can easily be cleaned, or get cushions that can be swapped. 

In addition, if your kitchen bar is made of wood, you can try mixing it up with metal stools.

There is always a style and design for everyone and every kitchen bar. Poor selection of barstools for your kitchen can make it look smaller, crowded, uncomfortable for the users or keep knocking your feet as you make your way through. 

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