One of the greatest things about remodeling a kitchen is the limitless room for creativity. Between the colours, patterns, textures, and designs, there is a lot to play around with when renovating your kitchen, even if it means making a few, minor changes.

Of course, when the possibilities are endless, it can be pretty overwhelming to make any final decisions with your kitchen renovation project. Nevertheless, if your head’s in a tizzy from all the great ideas floating around, narrowing down your options will help you figure out what will work best for your kitchen, and what won’t. 

So, with that, here are our top kitchen remodeling ideas to create a space that truly stands out. 

Open Up Space with Open Shelves

For a kitchen that feels cramped or like there’s too much going on, open shelves are the perfect solution. They do away with bulky, overhead units that often take up more space than required while adding a unique touch to the room. Another benefit of incorporating open shelves in a kitchen is the increased display space which also encourages better kitchen organisation as opposed to shoving items into a closed cabinet. 

In terms of design, kitchen shelving can be custom-made or purchased as finished products. They are available in various, attractive designs and styles, and while they stand out on their own, using the shelves for a neat display of kitchen items and décor will truly enhance the beauty of the space.

Choose an Artistic Benchtop

quartz benchtop

Regardless of what type of benchtop you wish to have, be it concrete, granite, or recycled timber, consider stepping out of your comfort zone and picking something a bit bolder than the average self-coloured countertop. In fact, a kitchen benchtop can be the focal point of the room when you pick a patterned/coloured material that will grab one’s attention at a first glance. 

Modern countertops are trending in 2020 and no kitchen remodel seems to be complete without them! Of course, in order for this to work in your kitchen, other elements must complement the colour/pattern that you choose.

Update/Add Backsplash Tiles

If you really want your kitchen to stand out, backsplash tiles play a vital role in achieving that. Along with the functionality of protecting wall paint from food and grease splatters, they are great for introducing colour and texture to a kitchen space. 

Again, there is no limit to being creative and bold with your choice of pattern, design, and colour, however, you will need to factor in other elements in order to choose backsplash tiles that will tie the room together. If the theme of your kitchen décor is on the bold side, even it out with subtle backsplash tiles for a well-rounded aesthetic.

Add a Breakfast Bar

If you’re worried about lack of space, you’d be surprised at how easily you can add a fully functional breakfast bar to a small kitchen. All you need is an experienced kitchen remodeling company to custom design a breakfast bar that is suitable for your kitchen. 

Apart from having a nice spot to enjoy your coffee in the morning, the additional seating is perfect for socialising with family, as well as entertaining guests. It’s also a great way to create more workspace in your kitchen if you don’t have a kitchen island. From an aesthetic point of view, a breakfast bar enhances the beauty of a kitchen and, if designed practically, will even give the room a more airy appearance.

Give Cabinets a Fresh Coat of Paint

Cabinetry is an integral part of kitchen design, one that occupies a large amount of space in the room. It is also one of the first things anyone notices in your kitchen so it’s important to keep its appearance in tiptop condition. 

Of course, even well-maintained kitchen cabinetry can look ‘boring’ over a long period of time which is why a fresh coat of paint works wonders! Introduce a new colour (or two) to your kitchen cabinets and just like that, the entire room is revitalised!

Incorporate a Kitchen Island

Clear Glass Over Timber Veneer Splashback

When you think about a kitchen island, you picture a large kitchen with a traditional, rectangular counter in the middle of the room; however, interior designers are now finding clever ways to incorporate unique kitchen islands into small spaces including mobile islands

They can be custom-made with cabinetry below for added storage space if you’ve chosen to open up the room with open shelving. Depending on available space, kitchen islands can be designed in various shapes, sizes, and styles to better suit the kitchen in question.

Repaint the Kitchen

Whether the walls are due for a new paint job or not, changing the colour scheme of your kitchen is a great way to enhance its overall appearance. Paint has a way of making interiors really ‘pop’ and kitchen walls are no exception! 

Consider changing the colour of the walls for a fresh, new look while choosing shades that will also complement the rest of the interior décor. Oftentimes, repainting the kitchen is an affordable way to give it a makeover without having to make any drastic changes to the room.


While kitchen renovation typically comes at a hefty price, there are some changes you can make that will revamp the space and not cost you a fortune! Use one or more of the fantastic remodeling ideas above to update your kitchen and make it stand out!