Choosing among the copious variants, an ideal benchtop to install in your kitchen is not always an easy task. Not only are the varieties well matched against each other, but they are also competitive and unique in their own way. They all deliver cutting-edge performance and a wide range of luxury features. There are plenty of different counters available in the market, picking the right kitchen benchtop for your home is important.

An ideal benchtop should depict your style while at the same time setting the general tone of the kitchen. It should be in line with what your kitchen is designed for. Where cost is a prime factor, an inexpensive benchtop can bury the design of the kitchen.

Here are the top five types of benchtops that are both affordable and luxurious for your kitchen.

1) Laminate Benchtops

Laminate benchtops are number one priority when it comes to staying within the budget. However, that does not mean that they offer a substandard kitchen look. High-end laminate can be designed to resemble either granite or your most preferred stone. They realise desired decoration for any home fabrication.

There is a lot more to living within your means while at the same time meeting your choices and preferences. Laminates are designed in a wide range of colours and shapes. In regards, you will be able to meet the preferred contrasts in your kitchen at ease. They also offer apex luxury and easy maintenance option. With right detailing and choice, laminate counters can be the last thing to think of replacing when remodelling or giving your kitchen a face-lift.

2) Granite Benchtops

Generally, classy kitchen face-off is a battle between widely used granite and quartz. Granite decorates like a pro. That is why it remains most people’s favourite when it comes to benchtop design.

Granite slabs come in different shades, patterns, and thickness. The price of a modular granite slab will depend on the grade of the granite. The price leans greatly on the thickness of the slab. A three-quarter inch slab is appropriate where the kitchen is modelled for resale. Anyway, you can choose to work with an inch and a half slab.

3) Quartz Benchtops

If you are looking forward to creating a classy, high-end kitchen then you surely need quartz benchtops. With professional installation and fabrication, quartz offers an exemplary appearance. It is for this reason that it is exploding in popularity.

Engineered quartz comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Unlike granite, they are heavier and can be uniformly cut. Quartz also offers an easy-to-choose wide range of colours. Choose quartz for luxurious easy-to-clean benchtops that any cook can wish to work on.

4) Tile Benchtops

Porcelain and modular tiles offer innumerable choices when it comes to shape, colour, and size. With tiles, you can design almost any style out of the kitchen from the country, modern, architectural to even cottage one. Your kitchen design options are endless with a tile benchtop.

Though tiles offer slightly uneven cutting surfaces, they do not chip easily and are ideal for durable counters. They are easy to replace in case one or two tiles chip or crack. You can choose tiles for heat and stain resistant benchtops that are good to stand any test.

5) Synthetic Solid Surface Benchtops

Made exclusively from polyester and acrylic, solid counters offer luxurious kitchen outlooks. They are generally non-porous and maintenance free. They come with extensive colour options that consist of hundreds of hues you can try out. With professionally seamless installation, there are minimal chances that the benchtops will accumulate debris or dirt since every tinge of cracks is permanently covered.

On the downside, solid surfaces are susceptible to burn. However, you can easily sand it away. On the other hand, solid-surface counters are not those typical counters that you carelessly drop a sharp knife on. The patently artificial look and smooth texture can be short-lived if not handled with sheer vigilance.

Classy benchtops are key in realising a luxurious, post-modernised kitchen. They occupy a central position as far as the fabrication of kitchen is concerned. However, there is a lot more to successfully navigating between cutting the cash corners and realising a dream benchtop. Visit Kitchen & Stone for more information on kitchen design options and general kitchen life.