Additional workspace in a small kitchen is always welcome, but how awesome would it be if it doubled as a breakfast bar too? For the longest time, small kitchens have been given the short end of the stick where design and functionality are concerned; many homeowners believe they need to stick to the basics while anything more calls for an entire remodeling project to break down walls and create more space. Well, although Kitchen & Stone are experts at kitchen renovations, we are here to tell you that with clever designing and integration, your tiny kitchen can accommodate a fully functional breakfast bar without any drastic changes!

With a little brainstorming to factor in unique aspects of your kitchen, you might just find a couple of cool options at your disposal with these neat and innovative breakfast bar ideas below, read on!

1. A Simple Ledge

A ledge extending from your countertop – that’s literally all it takes to achieve additional space that works brilliantly as a breakfast bar. All you need is a bar stool or chair that you can either pull out from underneath or place in front of it. This, however, will require you to replace your benchtop or fit a separate (matching) piece to the existing counter. For a more uniform look, the former offers a much cleaner design.

2. Extend Around the Corner

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For a kitchen that runs along a wall with a bare corner, the countertop can be extended by going around it and utilising the width of the wall for a breakfast bar. Depending on the shape of the kitchen and available space, the extension typically creates an inverted L-shape which is adjacent to the kitchen and the next room. Because it extends around a corner, there will be space beneath the breakfast bar for 1-2 stools. This type of breakfast bar design is best suited in kitchens with an open-plan as it may block or compromise entries between rooms in a closed space.

3. Fold-Up Table

Wall-mounted folding tables are not uncommon in small homes; they are practical designs that add some much-needed functionality to rooms. Similarly, a breakfast bar can be created separately from the counter space by utilising a corner of the kitchen or perhaps a wall beside the window. If you don’t have the wall space for this, consider a hinged flap attached to the end of your counter that you can fold up as and when you want to use your breakfast bar.

4. The U-Shaped Breakfast Bar

Another breakfast bar idea suited for open plan kitchens, this design sees the benchtop running along two adjacent walls and extending outward to form a U-shape, thus creating an instant breakfast bar as well as additional workspace! What’s more, one of the advantages of an open plan kitchen is owed to the lack of internal walls which makes it easier to include extra chairs or bar stools for a larger and more sociable breakfast bar.

5. Go Against the Wall 

When space is not in your favour, a narrow breakfast bar along a wall is the way to go. This, of course, is provided that you have enough wall space for your refrigerator and the right kitchen design to accommodate a small bar. If you do, utilising dead wall space with a protruding countertop is your best bet for a sleek, yet fully functional, breakfast bar. Complete the space with an adjustable chair or stool tucked halfway underneath it. 

6. An Appropriately-Shaped Island/Breakfast Bar

Yes, an island in a small kitchen is possible if the right dimensions and shape are chosen. Leave the planning to professional kitchen remodelers if you are looking to add an island to a tight kitchen space that will also serve as a breakfast bar. To give you an idea of how this can work, imagine a square-shaped kitchen island with one side cut into a semicircle and a chair in front of it; a design of this nature limits the amount of space compromised, therefore, allowing one to move around more freely. 

7. Slide-Out Counter

This one doesn’t come cheap but it sure is handy! Having a smaller counter that slides out from underneath your existing benchtop is perfect for small kitchens that cannot accommodate a permanent or fixed breakfast bar due to lack of space. On the other hand, homeowners with larger kitchens also favour an additional slide-out counter as it gives them the option of keeping it pulled out for as long as required without obstructing walking paths and, similarly, pushing it back inside when extra space to move around is desired.

8. The Elevated Breakfast Bar

If you’re remodeling your kitchen to include a breakfast bar, consider adding more overhead storage to minimise the required under-bench cabinetry. By doing this, you are left with a countertop that extends well beyond the base cabinets to create a floating-like illusion for your elevated breakfast bar. This design gives the kitchen a more airy appearance while allowing chairs/stools to comfortably fit under the bar. More importantly, you have the pleasure of a lot more leg room as compared to other types of breakfast bars in small kitchens!

In conclusion, we feel the need to quote this age-old saying: “where there’s a will, there’s a way”; and with the seasoned designers and planners at Kitchen & Stone, you can rest assured that the perfect breakfast bar for your space will be achieved with a kitchen renovation by our team of professionals.

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