What is a dream kitchen? It is one that is designed to be functional, practical, beautiful, and welcoming! The most desirable kitchen designs trending today offer ample storage space, are airy and uncluttered, and feature a few decorative statements that express the homeowners’ individuality and style. 

Truly speaking, you can do so much with a kitchen even if you are working with a small space. It’s important, however, to know what you want so that you are able to present it to the experts who will then bring your dream kitchen to life! With that said, it pays to work with an established kitchen renovation company that will help you understand the dynamics of the room and, according to the space they are working with, will advise you on what the best design is for your kitchen. 

Take a look at the ideas, tips, and information below for a better understanding of how to design your dream kitchen from top to bottom.

Let the Floor Set the Tone

When you envision your dream kitchen, your imagination may draw your eyes to the cabinets and counter-level components; however, the type and colour of the flooring is actually what makes up most of the picture in your head. It is what sets the tone for the rest of the kitchen and, for many, is the first decision they make. 

The colour and type of flooring you choose for your kitchen ultimately comes down to personal preference. While some homeowners like to make a statement with bold patterns and colours, others choose neutral shades to leave room for more creativity with the rest of the kitchen design. Regardless of what you are leaning towards, choosing the kitchen flooring first will simplify other decisions to be made for the rest of the room.

Consider a Transitional Style

While you can’t go wrong with choosing one particular kitchen style, the result of fusing traditional and contemporary designs is truly timeless. It gives homeowners the best of both worlds by creating a homely yet trendy looking kitchen space. Unlike other kitchen designs that stick to one style, here you can match modern appliances with farmhouse elements and they will give the room a harmonious design that never goes out of style.

Of course, if you have something entirely different in mind, there are plenty of kitchen styles to choose from that are outright beautiful and functional; it’s just a matter of picking one that will complement or blend in with the style of your home.

Get Creative with Storage Space

There is no such thing as too much storage space in a kitchen. In fact, the key to an uncluttered kitchen is to have enough storage to keep kitchen items organised and out of plain sight. Today, there are more innovative storage designs that take kitchen design to another level. From clever pantry storage in the form of a narrow, cabinet-shaped slide-out drawer, to utilising dead space under a kitchen island; experienced and innovative kitchen designers will add in all the storage you need in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

At Kitchen & Stone, we are experts at creating kitchens with functionality at the forefront of our design ideas. This includes creating storage that fits perfectly into the kitchen layout for an overall practical and efficient design. 

Add Character with Your Countertops

Granite and marble are two of the most common types of countertops used in kitchen design. Today, people are getting more creative and looking to really add character to the room with their choice of material, colour, and finish/stain. Don’t be afraid to take this bold step if you really want your kitchen design to stand out and let your individuality shine through. 

Some of the options outside of black/white natural-looking stone countertops include polished concrete, engineered stone in various colours, sparkling quartz, and recycled glass. These are just a few of the many different types of kitchen countertops that you can choose to make your kitchen design a visual masterpiece!

Finish with Eye-Catching Fixtures

Just like every other aspect of kitchen design, you can get creative with your choice of kitchen fixtures and fittings. For example, kitchen sinks are getting trendier and are now available in playful colours with faucets to match, making typical stainless steel sinks look rather dull in comparison. While it’s true that a vibrantly coloured sink will not blend in with some types of kitchen styles, matching your kitchen sink to the colour of the floor will create a unique and appealing visual for the room.

The same holds true with kitchen cabinetry and drawers; if everything else in the room is neutral, this is where you can take your kitchen design to an all-new level with a bold choice in terms of colour and design. In most kitchens, cabinets are the focal point since they catch your eye the instant you walk into the room; therefore, the use of colour is crucial in kitchen design as it ties the room together while allowing you to infuse touches of your personal style. 

Creating your dream kitchen is something only a professional, experienced and innovative kitchen designing team can help you achieve. Using your ideas and visions for the space, Kitchen & Stone will bring this dream to life!