An open plan kitchen designs can offer an airy, inviting and ideal environment for sociability. Without creative planning, the room can feel empty with flying furniture and no distinct functional zones. This creates a vacuous cold feel.

By creating intimate and functional zones either physically or visually, you will be creating a space that brings out the homey feel and comfort. With the zones, you can clearly map out the living, dining and cooking spaces. Here are some of the best ways on how to divide an open plan living room kitchen.

1) Colouring

Colouring is key when defining the layout of the two rooms. It determines the tone of the rooms. And, of course, can either make or break the general layout of the open space.

One of the best ways to zone the kitchen living room space is through choosing a different colour for different walls. Generally, colours are categorised into warm and cool. In the colour wheel, the two oppose each other. Meaning you can use their differences to bring out visual zones that stand out. Otherwise, whatever you choose to work with can affects the general mood and functionality.

For kitchen wall use the warm brighter colours. They are excellent in stimulating the appetite. All white brings the touch and energises when you blend it with a deep shade of red or green. For the living room choose lively colours that promote togetherness. The colour should set the pace for comfort, leisure and peace. Green, grey, blue or beige colours work well for the living room.

2) Flooring

Flooring is key in demarcating a specific zone. They function just the same as walls but in their unique peculiar way. Estimate the total space for the chairs and sofas, cover it with a rug and place the furniture on it. In this manner, you shall have passed the message that the area is specifically for relaxing. Probably the living room. You can introduce textile wool for added feel.

On the other hand, you can identify the kitchen with hardwood floors or a specific coloured tiles that blend with that of the living and dining area. In most cases, you will not be able to change the initial flooring. You can use rugs of different texture or colour to demarcate the kitchen zones. This alternative applies mostly in the rental rooms.

3) Shelving

Shelves incorporate both utility and balancing. They work well where there is a large space to work with. The first thing to check out for is the size of the room versus the size of the shelves. Remember, shelf works the same as the walls. A bigger shelf will not only deprive you of the treasurable spaces but also block your ways.

Secondly, you have the option of using an open or backed shelf. With an open shelf, is open for use from both ends. Unlike the backed, they offer cutting-edge performance, access and appeal. You can cover the open shelves with a transparent curtain for extra privacy and zoning. Choosing the right kitchen shelves can be a tricky task. Get some tips when finding the right shelves for your kitchen.

4) Greening

Using plants is a better alternative when dividing the open kitchen living space. Living plants have the additional advantage of introducing oxygen in the rooms for more comfort. Place different types of plants on the top of shelves and in the corners of the rooms. Specific plants should be used for specific zones. Or else, the transition may not come out clear as required.

5) Arrangement

How you arrange your furniture matters a lot when it comes to dividing the kitchen living open space. Sofas are usually big. Use them to create paths in places of your interests. The chairs and the table can be arranged with sheer conformity to bring out their functionality. The dining table can be tied together with brass legged chairs in a round manner to depict a dining room. Just make sure to achieve cohesion in whatever arrangement employed.

Having functional zones in the open space helps a bunch in defining the functionality of the room. It is what makes the room distinct and unique in its own way. Contact us at Kitchen & Stone for more trending kitchen designs and layouts that stand out in home structuring. When it comes to kitchen design for an open space living room and kitchen, we’re the team to contact. Reach out to us on 1300 418 747.

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