It’s often the decisions that come with plenty of options that end up being the most difficult! This is even true for people who think they know exactly what they want with their kitchen floor and backsplash tiles until they see pictures or hear ideas of the many other directions they can go in. 

So, whether you’re stumped for ideas or are keen on settling for a ‘safe’ option, here are some really fun and gorgeous floor and backsplash tile combos for your kitchen!

1. Ceramic Mock Wood Floor + A Matte White Backsplash

warm accents kitchen

Hardwood kitchen flooring is definitely a gorgeous choice, however, it is not a practical one considering the fact that kitchen floors are subject to a lot of foot traffic and stains which require heavy-duty cleaning in order to maintain a spotless appearance. Therefore, the best alternative is a highly durable and scratch-proof material that will closely resemble wood. 

Take a look at full-body ceramic slabs which are relatively large, and cut perfectly to be fitted closely for a polished finish. Now, imagine your floor in a light wood colour with a semi-gloss finish, and matte white tiles above your counters to complement them; it’s beautiful, isn’t it? The best part about this combination is that it leaves plenty of room to mix and match interior styles and décor!

2. Flashy Floor + A Solid Colour to Complement it

grey glass splashback

Get playful with your kitchen floor tiles by bringing in some patterned designs with two or more colours. This is a great way to spruce up an all-white kitchen by adding pops of colour to it, not just with a patterned kitchen flooring but with your choice of backsplash tiles as well. Depending on the colour scheme of your floor tiles, select a shade or colour from it that leans more towards a neutral shade, and use this to contrast your kitchen backsplash tiles.

With a design concept like this, you can get really creative and have tons of fun mixing and matching colours and patterns until you find one that transcends your envision for the space. A good tip is to pick light-coloured backsplash tiles to balance out bold and/or dark-coloured patterned floors (and vice-versa).

3. Earthy Stained Concrete Floor Tiles + A Patterned Backsplash

patchwork tile splashback

Owing to its durability, concrete tile is definitely up there among favourable kitchen flooring options. It adds a natural look and feel to the space which can be further enhanced with an earthy stained finish. Again, there is room for plenty of creativity and colour scheme options, one of which includes a muddy-coloured floor matched with bright yellow patterned backsplash tiles in a Bohemian style. 

Regardless of what style of kitchen design you have, this combination of stained concrete and patterned wall tiles works brilliantly if executed properly. The most important tip to keep in mind is to choose earthy tones for the floor and a bright, complementing shade for your kitchen backsplash. As far as patterns go, be as creative as you want to be!

4. Graphic Shapes on the Floor + Brick-Style Backsplash

It’s not uncommon to see brick-style wall tiles in a kitchen; they’re simple yet decorative, and add a warm and homely feel to the space. It’s also pretty easy to match floor tiles to this particular style of backsplash tiles. Of course, specific types of floor patterns work better to enhance brick-style backsplash better than others, and that is exactly what graphic floor tiles can do.

Picture (greyish) translucent diamond shapes covering the floor of your kitchen with a subtle, matte finish backsplash fitted to look like brick-work; because the floor has a bold and commanding presence, the backsplash balances the aesthetic by providing something else that catches the eye without feeling like there’s too much going on. A good rule of thumb with this kitchen interior design idea is to choose light colours for the backsplash as well as the base colour of the floor tile (with a darker shade to make up the diamond shapes).

5. B&W Chequered Floor + Grey Hues for a Backsplash

Statement floor tiles in the form of black and white checks are often used in a kitchen setting, however, they tend to clash with other patterns or bold designs in the room. We’ve found that the best way to really complement a black and white chequered kitchen floor is to enhance the shades with grey hues for your kitchen backsplash. Perfect for kitchens with distressed or weathered cabinets, you can then spruce up the dull shades by displaying shiny glassware, and adding pops of natural colours in the form of plants, flowers, and brass fittings or pots/pans.

Each of the above floor and backsplash tile combinations for your kitchen can be tweaked or modified in numerous ways to suit your kitchen style and personal preference. The kitchen ideas we’ve shared with you today are aimed at helping you look outside the box, and allowing your creativity to take over! Of course, for more guidance on choosing the right kitchen flooring and backsplash tiles for your renovation project, our design experts at Kitchen & Stone can help you make the best decisions to create your dream kitchen!

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