The kitchen colour trends focus for 2020 suggests a wide range of colour choices for kitchen cabinetry, including natural neutrals like grey, greige, and oak and two-tone colours. They also include palettes dominated by the warm exotic earthy hues such as oranges and intense tonalities. 

Unlike it was some years ago when kitchen cabinetry was in one plain neutral colour, in 2020 you should expect to see them painted in unexpected modern kitchen colours. 

Here are the trends to watch. 

Dark kitchen units 

chrome dark kitchen design
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For many years, most homeowners have worked hard to keep their kitchens airy, bright and light. That means they painted them white or magnolia.

Homeowners painted few dark and bold colours on their permanent appliances, walls or fittings and fixtures. In 2020, expect to see something different, homeowners and designers have realised that dark colours can help define kitchens and give them contemporary, eye-catching aesthetics. 

Dark greens, blues and greys are highly used on kitchen appliances and units. Sophisticated and smart colours may help keep the kitchen cleaner, newer and tidier. 

Light work surfaces

Edmonson Park 1
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Kitchen units are undergoing dark and moody makeovers, but the opposite is also true. 

More recently, homeowners started shying away from the dark granite and the polished concrete surfaces and choosing the light alternatives. 

The cream, ivory, white and natural wood kitchen work surfaces will look fantastic after you have matched them with some dark kitchen units. Invest in bright and light appliances for the kitchen to match the work surfaces and add aesthetics. 

The market offers options for people who want to add small electrical appliances to their surfaces permanently. 


copper kitchen design
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The popularity of copper in the interior design world is growing. The colour is warm, stylish and welcoming. It will work perfectly if used in kitchen fittings and fixtures or accessories. You can invest in copper handles and choose a dark colour for the kitchen units. 

Alternatively, you can illuminate the kitchen space with copper lights and add character to the interior design. Invest in copper-coloured accessories for the kitchen cupboards and the work surfaces to give the kitchen space a modern new look. 

Matte black 

matte black kitchen
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The other kitchen colour trend to observe in 2020 involves darkening the kitchen interior to the extreme by adding a variety of matte black fixtures, accessories and fittings into space. 

Matte black electrical appliances, lighting, work surfaces and other kitchen features will look fantastic in your modern kitchen interior. The number of manufacturers producing eye-catching matte black accessories is increasing and that has made it easier to kit stylish kitchen spaces. 


green kitchen design
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Apart from being a popular choice for lifestyle-conscious people, green is a trendy colour. People are using it to underline the eco-credentials of their kitchens by enhancing the walls, units and accessories. 

To make a good impact with green shades, go for dark colours and paint the green colour on the cupboard doors and other kitchen units. 

Alternatively, you can keep the kitchen space bright and then modern it by adding less dramatic shades of light green colour. The market offers a wide range of kitchen appliances to match your kitchen décor. 


graphite kitchen design 2020
Source: Kitchen Stori

When looking for a better way to darken your kitchen appliances, but you feel black is too bold for the kitchen interior, graphite is a great alternative. 

The deep grey colour works well in the modern interiors and facilitates the creation of smart, stylish aesthetic appeal in the kitchen. 

The market offers a wide range of graphite products such as dishwashers, fridges and washing machines. By combining the appliances in your kitchen, you will develop a great contemporary interior look. 

Coloured fridges 

coloured fridges

Even though most of the colours people choose for their kitchens today come from a natural palette, some homeowners prefer eye-catching kitchens and appliances. That has influenced most kitchen appliances to supply products in bright, bold colours. Stylish appliances are a good choice for people who need bright tones and intense shades in their kitchens.

The market offers multi-coloured appliances such as beautifully designed kettles, fridges, ovens and accessories in fantastic contemporary choices. 

To make a unified look in your kitchen, you mix-match the colours of appliances and then add a variety of shades to make the interior unique. By painting the units and cupboards in your kitchen or replacing the kitchen appliances, you will develop a new look instantly.

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