Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens offer you a fresh breath each and every time you step foot into your home. Enjoy the freedom of having an open kitchen. Your modern kitchen will optimise the space available while maintaining a simplistic look.

Hampton Kitchens

The Hampton style works exceptionally well for kitchens that are exposed to a lot of natural light. This is because the style was originally designed to suit houses near the coastal area that receives sunlight in the morning and in the afternoon.

French Provincial

The French Provincial style became widely popular in the 18th century. The majestic rustic wood and detailed finishes on the cabinets, wall and timber furniture really brings out the traditional European countryside feeling.

Shop Fittings

Having a custom well-designed shop fittings is crucial to the success of a business. All businesses are different, and so should your shop fitting design. A customer’s perspective can strongly influence them to enter the store or not. Get a unique and custom shop fit design that suits you and your business model.

Benefits of choosing Kitchen and Stone

Industry Experience


Fully Licensed & Insured

Family Owned & Operated