If you thought you thought about everything, chances are that you’ve missed out on some crucial factors which could set up your kitchen renovation to fail. Yes, one mistake can cost a lot of time and money that you may not have to spare at the moment. Fortunately, the experts at Kitchen & Stone are here to share some unthought-of mistakes that could potentially ruin the end result of your kitchen renovation project. 

With that said, here’s how you can achieve your dream kitchen by avoiding these common kitchen remodeling mistakes.

1. Not Separating Work Stations

The workflow of your kitchen should remain uninterrupted for the most part. Therefore, redesigning the kitchen means separating the sink, the stove area, main benchtop, and refrigerator. These are considered to be the busiest areas in a kitchen and hence, require adequate space in order to work efficiently (especially when more than one person is using the kitchen).
Depending on the size of your kitchen, consider remodeling the space in a triangular shape with your fridge, stove, and sink in three separate corners. This layout leaves a good amount of space between your work stations so that the workflow of each one is not interrupted.

2. Spending Less on Storage

While it’s nice to have fancy fixtures and lavish countertops to add to your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, you can actually create a gorgeous, budget-friendly kitchen without compromising on quality. So, before you pre-book expensive accessories for your kitchen, consider how much money you can spend on the cabinets and shelving. 

Lack of storage is not uncommon in kitchens and therefore, must be taken into consideration when renovating your space. Spending less on cabinetry generally means including less storage space or, in some cases, using inferior quality materials. These are two mistakes you don’t want to make as one can never have too much high-quality storage space in the kitchen!

3. Not Planning Every Last Detail

When you put off ‘small’ details for later, they not only add to your list of pending decisions to make but often cost more than one has accounted for. This, in turn, drives up your budget while leaving some crucial details to be decided on at the last minute. 

It’s safe to say that most homeowners on a budget tend to settle for less when these small details suddenly arise during a kitchen renovation project; therefore, every last minor detail including faucet designs, cabinet fittings, and backsplash tiles must be planned for before the project begins. Remember, along with the appliances, flooring, and type of cabinets you choose, it’s the small details that can either enhance the beauty of your kitchen or drag it down.

4. Picking the Wrong Kitchen Island Size

The size of your kitchen island must be proportionate to the rest of the room. With that in mind, the aisles around the island must not be too tight that it interferes with work stations and foot traffic. It is also important to note any protruding appliances or kitchen components that may block space around the island.

The key factors to consider when choosing the size of your kitchen island are adequate benchtop space and room dimensions. Bear in mind that kitchen islands can be designed in different shapes to better suit the planned layout of your kitchen. Still, the size will matter so it is advisable to keep those key factors in mind.

5. Getting Carried Away with Ideas

Believe it or not but this happens a lot! Many homeowners try to incorporate far too many ideas into their kitchen renovation project which don’t always come together well. While some of them may be great, when combined, one great idea can negate the other. 

Overdesigned kitchens typically give the appearance of too much going on which, from a visual perspective, is not at all attractive. Keeping it simple, on the other hand, allows one or two great ideas to really stand out and shine. To make sure you get it right the first time around, an experienced kitchen renovation company will help you finalise designs and bring those ideas to life in the best possible way!

6. Lack of Ventilation

Food smells while cooking can travel to other rooms of your house and linger which isn’t a pleasant environment for everybody. Along with a good quality range hood to remove strong odours from the kitchen, increased ventilation with a large window and exhaust fan are highly recommended. 

Moreover, the smoke from food frying or high-temperature cooking can be unbearable if there isn’t enough ventilation in the room to remove it; fortunately, many interior designers are wary of these concerns and therefore, look to remodel a kitchen with increased ventilation at the forefront of their kitchen design.

7. Skimping on Countertop Space

Don’t be fooled by measurements; what may seem like a lot of countertop space often ends up being too little once you start using it. In order to ensure that you have adequate space when cooking or preparing meals, consider what appliances, tools, and miscellaneous items are going to be placed on the counters for quick access. 

When you know how much space will be occupied by the items above, that’s when you can plan the amount of additional counter space you will require to work comfortably. Like kitchen storage, you can never have enough countertop space, especially if you cook a lot and enjoy socialising in your kitchen!


At Kitchen & Stone, we are dedicated to remodeling and redesigning kitchens as per our clients’ exact requirements. You can rest assured that our extensive experience in kitchen renovation leaves no room for error, let alone the common kitchen remodeling mistakes mentioned above.