The style statements of your home should not be confined to the bedroom or living room, it should penetrate to your kitchen too. Some professionals such as interior designers and architects hold great expertise. They can provide your kitchen with the best appearance possible that in addition to improving the looks will turn the cooking space into something more comfortable and user-friendly. Sinks are among the most important portions of any kitchen and to select the right one, you will have to consider your needs.

Here is our selection of kitchen sinks for 2019.

Corner kitchen sink

Stainless steel corner sinks have a phenomenal cut and display a filter on their side. The corner kitchen sink has a modern-day appearance in addition to a matching coating. The appearance is contemporary and also matches the coating. It is a good choice for almost any modern-day kitchen.

The bowl format kitchen sink

The bowl format kitchen sinks are ideal for any base kitchen. They come with spacious single bowls and impress with their modern design and clear lines. Manufacturers also provide a variety of sizes and you will get one to match your kitchen décor.

bowl sink

Granite countertops kitchen sink

The granite countertop sinks have stainless steel decrease that provides them with a great appearance. And dissenting the black granite countertops along with elegant taps, the sinks are gorgeous. They feature two faucets – a little one and huge one. The room behind the sink will help you maintain cleaning devices and planters and as a storage space.

Undermount bowl

The kitchen sinks are designed for under mounting. They are a good alternative to the modern day inset sinks. When combined with elegant worktops in matching colour, the sinks act as the kitchen’s focal point. The installation is easier and the ceramic material will last for long. Expect straight lined geometry and more comfort.

modern sink


Single bowl kitchen sink

The aesthetics and modern functionality makes the single bowl sinks a good choice for most homes. The spacious bowls, generous drainers, continuous tap ledge, and modern-day kitchen architecture are some of the defining elements of the kitchen sinks. Manufacturers also offer movable chopping boards made of glass or compound. Perfect stainless steel bowls will perfectly finish the sink.

modern kitchen sink

Ceramic Sink

Ceramic kitchen sinks are young, modern and natural. They appeal for their contemporary designs and provide competent solutions for base unit formats. Ceramic colours are naturally appealing and will delight the eyes of your guests and harmonise with the style of your kitchen. The bowls are spacious and the coating makes them easier to look after.

Modern white and turquoise kitchen

Stainless steel sink

The stainless steel kitchen sinks have set a new standard. With new arrangement of the main and extra bowl and drainer, the user can complete flowing works easily. The movable chopping board and the hang-in multifunctional bowl makes the food preparation fast and smooth along the sink axis.

Kitchen with bright furnitures and sink

With the right kitchen sink, you will be able to use your small space optimally. Moreover, a quality kitchen sink will enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Kitchen and Stone team will help you get the best sink for your kitchen in Sydney, Australia. Contact us today for a free quote.

From a simple countertop lavatory to an artistic vessel sink, you will always get the best solution for your kitchen. The above options will provide you with a good starting point. Contact Kitchen and Stone for a quote today.

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