Are you in Cronulla and looking to renovate your Kitchen? You’ve come to the right place. At Kitchen & Stone, we give you a kitchen that fits your taste and style.

Kitchen & Stone is a company that specialises in kitchen design, construction, and renovation of kitchens. We also supply high-quality stones for the construction of your kitchen, houses, fences, and any other thing. With operations in Sydney, we are famous for providing our customers in Cronulla with the most distinctive and most gorgeous designs, stones and tiles for your kitchen.

Whether you want an exotic or conventional kitchen design, we believe that we are the best and have the experience to make your kitchen dreams become reality.

Getting a Quality Kitchen Remodel in Cronulla

Your kitchen is, without a doubt, one of the most important parts of your home. You probably have an idea of how it should look like. And even if you bought a house and you do not like the kitchen, we can help you renovate it to suit your style and taste. If you’ve given this idea a thought, then we are always ready to help you.

Whether it’s the kitchen in your home, apartments, school, hospital or office, we can help you come up with a kitchen that’s modern, elegant, and unique yet serving its main purpose to perfection. At Kitchen & Stone, we strongly emphasise high-quality kitchens that meet our clients’ obligations and standards. That being said, we can help you renovate, design, and build quality kitchens in Cronulla.

Thinking to transform your old kitchen into a new and modern one in Campbelltown? Give Kitchen & Stone a call today for a free quote!

Kitchen & Stone is a family-owned business that began in the early 1980’s. We have been in the industry for over 30 years and have seen how kitchens have transformed over time.

Our experience has allowed us to develop a keen eye for detail when it comes to kitchens. We have been the name to turn to when it comes to taking care of kitchen renovations in Campbelltown and surrounding areas.

Luxurious Kitchen Renovations

If you are on a budget for your kitchen renovation and would like a kitchen that looks luxurious and modern, we can help! Kitchen & Stone offers affordable kitchen renovations in Campbelltown for homes of all sizes.

We have been in the industry long enough to have seen thousands of designs. Big, small, long or short, we have helped residents in Campbelltown to achieve their dream kitchen and feel a refreshing change of pace in their home. We know exactly what is needed to give your kitchen that extra piece of oomph!

At Kitchen & Stone, we offer our customers in Cronulla complete customised kitchen renovation packages. Our packages range from affordable to luxurious kitchens and we always make the deals better by offering sensible discounts on each package. For additional information on discounts and our brilliant offers, kindly call our team of financial experts to guide you on the best one for you and your desired design.

Our Experienced Kitchen Experts

We have a team of professional designers and kitchen planners who have over 30 years of experience. As such, we guarantee you high-quality output in whatever type of kitchen renovation or design you need us to undertake. Our experts will help you design and build both modern and traditional kitchens that are perfect for your home and family in a unique way.

At Kitchen & Stone, we fully believe that your kitchen should always stand out from the rest. From the magnificent wall colours to the countertops and every other part of your kitchen, we can offer you great ideas and designs that will totally change your cooking space.

All you have to do is contact us on 1300 418 747 for a quick and free on-site measurement anywhere in Cronulla. We’ll provide you with a fair and free quote before we start to build the kitchen of your dreams.

We Bring Kitchens to Life

Our professional designers are among the best kitchen designers throughout Sydney. Through our well-designed and simplistic kitchen look, we are able to bring your kitchens to life once we are completed. It will give your home a calm and refreshing change of pace.

If it isn’t yet, the new kitchen will definitely be your new favourite area in the house where you will spend the most time. You will be glad to know that all our services come with a 10-year warranty for an extra peace of mind. This way, you are guaranteed to enjoy a fresh new kitchen.

Leading Kitchen Renovations

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for all your kitchen renovation enquiries on 0417 747 395. We are more than happy to provide you with a FREE quote. We also provide FREE on-site measuring to ensure that our quotes are fair and accurate. Let us help you achieve your dream kitchen in Campbelltown today.

What our clients say


We LOVE our new kitchen! The entire family could not be more happy and proud of our new kitchen. K&S were professional, quick to respond and listened to our needs from beginning to end. They designed and built our new gorgeous modern kitchen, taking into consideration all our special requests.  Thank you Ramon and the whole team.

Ben Cann

Drummoyne, NSW

“Great experience renovating our kitchen with Kitchen & Stone! Ramon worked with us throughout the entire project to ensure our ideas were brought to life. Absolutely could not be happier with the end product. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a kitchen renovation in Sydney!!”

Lena Hendley

Linda Hendley

Alexandria, NSW

“Thank you Kitchen & Stone! You guys took on a big job and made it painless. As you know, we were very worried about the state of our kitchen - especially our budget. I'm very happy to say that Ramon and his team exceeded all our expectations. We now have a newly renovated kitchen that the entire family is in love with. Can't thank you enough! Really!

Yasmin Ellouh

Liverpool, NSW