Welcome to the digital age; we’ve got smartphones, smart TVs, smart mirrors, and in case you didn’t already know this – smart kitchen appliances too! Talk about using technology to make your life a lot more convenient! 

Smart devices are certainly becoming more innovative as time passes on while their attractive designs are incredibly hard to resist. As far as kitchen appliances are concerned, some of them may be of great use to you while others might just tempt you with their unique flair; ultimately, it all boils down to your specific needs and how these devices can help you. So, with that, here are 8 innovative, smart kitchen appliances to upgrade your kitchen space.

Wi-Fi Instant Pot

If you’re wondering what you can cook in one of these smart instant pots that connect to Wi-Fi, the question is what can you not?! From cakes and yogurt, to rice and sautéed vegetables; cooking savoury and sweet dishes in a Wi-Fi instant pot is an absolute treat! When connected to the Wi-Fi, you can control the settings on the appliance from your smartphone while some models can connect to an app that gives you access to 100s of recipes that can be made in your smart instant pot.

Smart Coffee Maker

Typically Alexa-compatible, these smart kitchen appliances make it 10x easier to brew yourself (or multiple people) a cup of coffee by just commanding the machine to do so! There’s no need for additional apps; all you need is the Alexa app and you will not only have the benefit of using voice commands, but also the programmable function of setting a specific time for this smart appliance to automatically brew up some coffee!

Rechargeable Automatic Pot Stirrer

Do you ever stay clear of recipes that require constant stirring? Well, the solution to your problem is an automatic pot stirrer that comes with a rechargeable battery and (more often than not) a timer that you can set according to your stirring needs! It’s a fantastic way to save time by allowing the device to stir your dish while you take care of other food preparations.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Do ever struggle to get liquid soap out of the dispenser when your hands are too filthy or germy to touch the pump? Well, now, more than ever, the need for a hands-free soap dispenser is at an all-time high due to the current COVID-19 pandemic which has proven how easily a virus can spread from one person to another just by touching a surface infected with bacteria. Luckily, these automatic soap dispensers work with sensors that release the liquid when you place your hands underneath the appliance.

Smart Microwave Oven

The features of a smart microwave oven differ from company to company; however, any one you choose is guaranteed to simplify cooking and heating tasks that require the use one. Some of these smart kitchen appliances are equipped with voice commands, smart sensors to control humidity and moisture, auto cook and scan-to-cook technology, and many other features that trump traditional microwave ovens on any given day! It may take a bit of time to get the hang of it but once you do, you’ll be saving plenty of time with this convenient smart kitchen appliance.

Smart Kitchen Scales

Not too long ago, the average kitchen scale got upgraded to a digital one, and since then, they have evolved into smart kitchen scales that can do much more than just weigh ingredients for you! Many of these connect to apps that are preloaded with recipes and even go as far as to suggest substitute ingredients for making different types of dishes. The smart drink scales available on the market will help you make the perfect beverage by giving you the recipe and exact measurements of ingredients (via an accompanying app). As you add each ingredient in a glass/shaker placed on the scale, the smart appliance will beep to notify you when you have added the right amount(s).

Bluetooth Blender

If you’re leading a health-conscious lifestyle that involves making and consuming all-natural and nutritious smoothies, this one’s for you! Smart blenders are typically Bluetooth-enabled and come with an app that gives you easy access and instructions to make all kinds of healthy smoothies. All the nutritional value will be at your fingertips via the app while you can easily update your shopping list to ensure that you don’t forget to buy the ingredients you need to make the smoothies of your choice!

Smart Toaster

Toasters have been revolutionised and we are here for it! Imagine one that pops up faster than ever and comes with a touch-screen that enables you to choose how brown or toasted you want your bread; that’s a smart toaster for you! Some models also have sensors that will automatically adjust the heat according to the type of bread you are toasting, be it a waffle, bagel, or English muffin. If your toast gets cold, you can make use of the manual reheat option that warms up the toast in seconds!

So, if you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, why not go all the way and update it with these awesome smart kitchen appliances that make everything simpler and more convenient for homeowners?