One of the biggest misconceptions in kitchen design is that you can’t have a neat and organised kitchen with minimal cabinetry, or none at all. The only time this is true is when you have a lot more stuff than you need cluttering up your entire kitchen for no reason. Other than that, organising kitchen essentials in a kitchen without cabinets (or not enough of them) merely takes some clever storage solutions aided by tools that will keep the space neat and tidy.

So, if your kitchen lacks cabinets or space to organise plates, mug, utensils, and other items, read on to find out the best storage solutions for your needs.

1. Install Wall-Mounted Shelves

When you think about it, shelves can offer the same amount of storage as cabinets; the only difference is that excess stacking and untidiness must be avoided because there are no doors to conceal the mess! So, in a way, floating shelves in a kitchen encourage neatness and better organisation. Depending on how much wall space is available, installing 4-6 shelves can accommodate all kitchen essentials and still leave room for a decorative item, or two. 

2. Create More Space in Your Drawers

Have you ever realised how much space goes to waste in drawers? This is referred to as ‘dead space’ or any space that can be utilised, but isn’t. For example, if you have flat items stored in a drawer, the space above it that isn’t used becomes ‘dead’ space. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should stuff or overcrowd your kitchen drawers but instead, make use of drawer organisers to maximise space. These include drawer dividers, storage boxes/containers, etc.

3. Install Hooks for Mugs

Storing coffee mugs on a shelf takes up too much space even if you decide to stack them up which is not practical nor pleasant to look at. Hanging mugs, on the other hand, is a safe and practical solution to neatly organise them. Hooks can easily be secured underneath a floating shelf to accommodate a fair amount of coffee mugs and cups.

4. Install a Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

To keep spice bottles from cluttering up drawers or taking up counter space, the best storage solution is to organise them on a wall-mounted spice rack. These products are more practical than a shelf because they typically come in the form of 2-3 tiers and, therefore, require less horizontal wall space. Yet another perk is the variety of styles they are available in which adds aesthetic value to your kitchen.

5. Add Storage with a Cart

Rolling kitchen carts come in a variety of sizes and offer a lot of storage space that can be put to good use in a kitchen without cabinets. They are extremely convenient to have in small kitchens and are also available in practical designs which include a worktop above and shelves below. Best of all, these storage carts can be rolled out of the way to create more space in your kitchen when you need it.

6. Organise Countertop Items in Baskets

If anything is to be kept on your kitchen counters, avoid a cluttered looking space by organising these items in decorative baskets. If you have a lot of countertop space, 2-tier or 3-tier baskets will be of great help to maintain a neat appearance without taking up much space. Bear in mind that these types of kitchen baskets may also be equipped with wheels that can be placed on the floor as well. 

7. Add Under-Counter Storage

As impractical at it may be to bend down every time you want to access some kitchen items, under-counter storage is a great way to keep your kitchen neat and organised. There’s no need to spring for cabinets and bear the cost of them if you don’t want to; instead, invest in some trolleys that can be rolled out whenever you need something. Talk about convenience!

8. Put Up a Pegboard

A lot of kitchen tools can be organised on a pegboard if you don’t have enough cabinetry for storage. Available in different sizes, everything from serving spoons and cutting boards to pots and pans can be hung up on a pegboard for easy access and storage. Moreover, if you take the time to organise your kitchen tools neatly, your pegboard will serve as a nice focal point for the room!

9. Install an Overhead Pot Rack

If you don’t have wall space for this, consider hanging a pot rack from the ceiling above your kitchen island or any other suitable place in your kitchen. The key thing to remember is that pots/pans should be hanging low enough to reach conveniently but high enough so as to not obstruct your view (especially when socialising). There are many types of pot racks on the market, some of which can accommodate more pots/pans that others. For aesthetic purposes, a pro tip to keep in mind when organising pots and pans on an overhead rack is to hang them in one direction and in a sequence that follows size and/or shape. 

With these storage solutions, you’ll have the benefit of an organised kitchen along with the openness of an airy space that isn’t taken up by bulky cabinets! If you’re in need of some professional assistance to remodel your kitchen with little or no cabinets at all, Kitchen & Stone can help you achieve your dream kitchen space!