Granite is a popular countertop material for the kitchen that has been available for a very long time. Granite is made of natural earth substantial which includes igneous rocks. Granite countertop colours change and evolve over time, as new colours hit the market giving customers a variety of colours to choose from. With a variety of granite colours to choose from, it can be challenging for someone to pick a specific colour for their kitchen countertops.

Designing a kitchen means picking colours and countertop material that will add life, architectural pop and create nice spaces to prepare meals. If you are in the process of designing your kitchen, below are popular granite countertop colours to choose from.

  • Black Pearl

Black pearl granite is the go-to granite countertop colour for homeowners who would like black countertops. It balances easily with a most bright colour such as white or cream on the kitchen walls and cabinets. Black pearl granite is fundamentally black decorated with spots of silvers, gold, greens, shades of grey, browns and blacks.

The numerous spots of varying colours on the dark semi-solid colour nature give the black pearl granite a spectacular look that contrasts with bright cabinet colours. However, if you would like a uniform appearance for your countertops, there are darker shades of black pearl that you can choose from.

  • Santa Cecelia

Santa Cecelia granite colour has been in use for a very long time. It is an elegant colour that adds a beautiful finish in brightly coloured, as well as darker colour scheme cabinets. Santa Cecelia has brown tones on the forefront accented with black patterns fading in the background. It has mild movement patterns, not too much and not very immobile, which makes it blend uniformly and beautifully in almost every kitchen.

  • Azul Platino

Do you love much colour in your kitchen? Then Azul Platino should be a go-to granite colour for your countertops. This granite colour balances well with blue, grey or any other earth patterned kitchen backdrops. It has delicate blue tones with speckled patterns that make it appear elegant, and at first sight, you may think it is black and white.

There are many shades of blue with Azul Plantion granite available, ranging from very subtle to very bold. This makes the granite colour one of the trendiest for countertops in most kitchens.

  • Delicatus White

If your idea of a beautiful kitchen is bright colours such as white, yet you are afraid of the stress of maintaining it, then Delicatus white is definitely a reasonable granite colour for you. It is a stunning granite with soft white in the background ornamented with complementary dark veining. The dark veining makes the granite beautiful by contrasting the white and creating a blend of bright and dark colours.

Therefore, this makes Delicatus white an easy colour, that blends perfectly and beautifully with any kind of kitchen colour and design from the traditional farmhouse, to modern designs, to Mediterranean or industrial.

  • Giallo ornamental 

Like Santa Cecelia, this is also among one of the oldest and common granite colours that are still popular among homeowners. It has a modest appearance yet it is beautiful and elegant. Giallo ornamental has a creamy white background that is adorned with brown and dark grey veins. The brown and grey veins combined give the granite a stunning sophisticated network of patterns. Giallo Ornamental, in addition, is not limiting. It blends perfectly with a wide variety of cabinet colours and kitchen designs.

There are a variety of granite colours and different companies name them differently. However, they can be grouped into broad colours such as white, black and brown. These major colours form the background which is then adorned with different other colours and patterns. This makes it easy for you to either choose bright, dark or moderate granite colour for your kitchen countertops.

Granite countertops are easy to maintain. They have either a slippery and glossy finish or a rustic and rough appearance.

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