Kitchen is the outright heart of any home. It energises and puffs life into various nerves of the family members. It is where the foods are stored, prepared, and served. Unlike any other room, kitchens are prone to high traffic. In fact, there is a higher probability that a visitor will step inside the kitchen first before going to any other room in the house.

Just as the old adage goes, we tend to judge a book by its cover. The general outlook of your kitchen, therefore, can create a permanent imprint on your visitor’s minds that they will forever use as a reference point in judging you. But, are they wrong?

Every person has a different idea on how his or her kitchen should look like. Some like to keep things super-classic and modern. Some like everything sleek. While others just like to keep their kitchen as simple as you can imagine.

What does your kitchen say about you?

1) Conspicuous Minimalist

A minimalist has a clean cut kitchen with no excesses. Only the basics can find their way into the shelves and working tops. The kitchen is a dead room far away from unnecessary sounds from advanced appliances such as voice-activated microwaves. At least that is what they want.

A minimalist’s kitchen is brought to Earth the moment they step their feet in them for dinner, breakfast or lunch preparation. No unnecessary partying. No lots of gathering. No extra chairs. Maybe, just a pair of canvas on the floor. After all, a minimalist does not necessarily need a hall for a kitchen. A big room is way too much to have as a kitchen.

2) Classy

If you like everything classic, then definitely marrying the idea in designing your kitchen is an absolute goal. You will be ready to spend everything in your pocket to create a cool, reserved, tasteful, traditional and elegant room that is never dull.

Classy personalities are always top-notch cooks. They will want something that keeps them in the mood. Wood panelled, modern appliances, and heritage colours define their working environments.

They will want to keep the kitchen furnished every time in order to keep them in fashion. To them, kitchens are just like cars. They need to keep the cabinets dazzling white, sanded and primed. In addition to that, a classy personality will integrate elegant furniture, rugs, and textile in order to keep the room light, airy, and larger.

3) Modernised

Modern and classic marry on several occasions. However, a distinct line separates the two. A modern kitchen is a classic piece of hot cake that is not ready to cool any time of the day. It is trending everywhere on Earth… cosy, elegant and good looking in every aspect. The moment it goes out of fashion, it is either sold or refurbished to meet the prevailing standards.

You do not want to live in the past. Therefore, integrating the latest designs as seen in social platforms, TV shows, magazines and more is a call you will always live to answer.

Multiple burners define your small laboratory. Seemingly, this type of kitchen beckons for research into the future. To realise this, you definitely need advanced appliances and exotic materials to keep you on the track.

4) Clutter

Clutter does not spare any space in the household, let alone the kitchen. Cluttered kitchens are full to the brim with all sundry of kitchenware. They need innumerable numbers of kitchen appliances to put in the display. In the shelves, working tops and even in the sinks are crocks and crocks of spoons, dishes and other types of monochrome kitchenware.

This tiny room looks homey with a number of vintage cookware. It is covered with an abundance of floral pattern carelessly put in place to bring the outdoor life to reality.
Clutterers do not know the benefit of keeping spices and other leftovers in their homes. They may be willing to keep them in closed cabinets. However, the shelves are just bursting out. Therefore, there is no need to. After all, such personalities feel that everything should be used at ago.

There is a lot more than a person can hint of you from just a glimpse at your kitchen. The way you handle basic appliances in your kitchen directly relates to the way you handle yourself in life at large. An architectural person is known by the type of design the kitchen assume. And, so are other personalities.

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