Cutting costs when remodeling your kitchen is a must for anyone on a budget; however, if it means compromising on quality, you may as well call off the project altogether. One of the many problems with using materials that are cheap or of inferior quality is that they will cost you more money in the long run. Having to repair and replace crucial parts or components of your kitchen furniture add up to a hefty price when you opt for cheap over premium quality.

That’s not all; while it may seem like the quality of the products is all that matters, the assembly and installation are just as important. Many furnishing brands such as IKEA and other companies that offer flat-pack furniture make decent quality kitchen units, however, there is a right and wrong way of going about putting kitchen furniture together. One mistake can lead to hours upon hours of added work, a ton of frustration and worst of all, potential injury.

With that said, we at Kitchen & Stone are here to tell you why choosing us to set up your kitchen is the right decision, and what it means to choose overall quality in terms of craftsmanship, design, and assembly, as opposed to low-budget, flat-pack kitchens that require a DIY job.

Durable, Long-Lasting Hardware to Hold Your Kitchen Together

A cabinet door or drawer that is shaky, or appears to be coming off the hinges, are both signs of poorly produced hardware. Unless these crucial components of kitchen units meet the standard quality set by leading furnishing companies, they will not stand the test of time which, in turn, means you will need to bear the cost of repairs.

At Kitchen & Stone, we deal with top hardware suppliers such as Blum and Hettich whose names precede them. Not only do they offer lifetime warranties on their hardware products, but they have also proven to be leading brands in the furnishing business. The thickness and durability of the metal join forces for a long-lasting performance that holds your kitchen steadily together through years of use.

Stronger Cores Built for Heavier Loads

Without a strong core, cabinets and pull-out racks will give way when loaded with heavier kitchen items such as glass cookware. While it is not ideal to overload or crowd cabinets, we make sure that the quality of our products and installations will remain firmly intact regardless of heavy usage. Moreover, cheaply constructed cabinet internals are prone to moisture which weakens the carcass further. These types of kitchen units will collapse when exposed to prolonged humidity and moisture, particularly those around sinks. Therefore, it is imperative to keep these factors in mind when .

Unlike IKEA furnishing units that have thin internals, at Kitchen & Stone, we use 16mm high moisture resistant particleboard sourced from Australia through Polytec and Laminex. They are thicker and built to a higher standard of quality in order to withstand high humidity and exposure to moisture which is just what every Australian kitchen needs!

The Look and Feel of a Premium Finish

With thicker doors (16-25mm) and stronger edging, you not only get to enjoy the appearance of a premium finish, but the feel as well. We ensure that the quality of your kitchen starts from its core and ends with the exteriors by providing thicker fronts and stronger seals that are much less prone to scratches or bumps on the surface.

That’s not all; we only use premium paints to complete a luxurious polyurethane finish that is easy to clean and near impossible to damage. Along with skilled carpenters, Kitchen & Stone employ the best and most experienced painters in town who work in-house to provide professional results right before your eyes.

Licenced and Qualified Cabinetmakers/Installers

As a one-stop-shop for designing and remodeling kitchens in Australia, it is critically important to have highly trained, skilled, and licenced professionals to get the job done and provide nothing short of satisfactory results. This is one of the major drawbacks when opting for flat-pack, self-assembled kitchens as they require the right tools, knowhow, and skill to put them together in a safe manner. Another disadvantage to consider is warranty; companies like IKEA offer somewhere around 25 years warranty whereas we guarantee lifetime performance on kitchens that are provided and installed by us.

The added convenience of choosing Kitchen & Stone over companies that require DIY assembly includes quick installation (under 14 days during quieter periods) by professionals with over 30 years of experience. Rather than have to outsource the work to someone who may fall short of your expectations, we guarantee to get all the work done right the first time around, thanks to a team of fully licenced and qualified installers.

In conclusion, choosing between custom-built, premium quality kitchens that are installed with a lifetime guarantee, and flat-pack, self-assembly kitchens is a rather easy decision to make when you want to have the best of the best for a revamped kitchen!